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I kind of assumed it was some sort of r&d testing. I wouldn’t have expected someone to test so much of your product. Are you based in Michigan? Thanks for the response.


We have offices in Michigan but our primary facility in Indiana.


Thanks for the solid r and d Tom!! :facepunch:


Cannabis derived terps are coming. With California coming online and a bunch of other states following suit it’s only a matter of time. Especially with the demand for distallate. It makes sense that we take the terps first before turning into terpless gold goop


We cannot wait for this!


standouts =

  1. strawberry cough
  2. sunset sherbert
  3. blue cheese
    nothing wrong with the others its just these 3 are super dank smelling


num num num…nice Ohaus!


It won’t be for a while. We need fields of it growing that will all end up in extraction. Until then it sounds like your stuff might be the truth!! My question is with that rsd post that was posted with that effect a pen maker in ca? Obviously I would need to pass phase 2 testing here in ca if I went with one of your terp profiles for our pen line here in Cali.


My question was a bit of a troll as I have been working on a high fidelity terpene stripping system. Just wanted to see how folks were feeling about the difference between cannabis derived and reformulated, from a market perspective.

If things work out the way I want, a secondary feature we would generate are true to taste flavor extractions from real fruit and herbs. I pulled a profile from a ripe orange the other day and fell in love.


care to share the mehod? Or at least beat around the bush lol!


Our pen company only uses cannabis derived terps atm. (Steam distilled) Everyone else is not so we are to falling Behind on market share due to trying to stay true to what we prefer to smoke. What’s your favorite steam distiller unit that you have come across?


This is the standard bulk unit, IMO. You would want to make modifications to protect the quality of your terpene yield.



Steam terps are ok… Nitrogen sweep gas terps are better. But I haven’t played with hydro diffusion enough to fully rule out steam. I bet Enfleurage would be nice if we could scale it, and that might be the best and highest use of the lipids we winterize


If any of you guys figure out commercial cannabis terpene extraction, and can maintain adequate supply, Floraplex Terpenes will be happy to buy every drop :slight_smile:


I’ll be in touch shortly :smiley:


We are getting ready to release a new line of products. I hope everyone is excited :slight_smile:


I placed an order on October 3rd, now its October 15th and still a no show. How long does shipping normally take to the east coast? I’m in New Jersey and am starting to worry if it will ever show up.


Can you send a sample for me to try before I buy? I keep hearing mixed reviews.


What are your thoughts on these products? What is your favorite way to use them?


Terps, please email info@buyterpenesonline.com with your order number and name. USPS has been having serious issues recently because of the hurricanes. Shoot us an email and we will get it all straightened out.