Floraplex Terpenes


Hey. About to start purchasing terpenes for about 1000 cartridges per month on the regular. Didn’t feel like reading through the entire thread but from what I read I am definitely interested. I will have about a half liter of distillate to toy with by the end of this week/next week.

Which strains would you recommend from your site? We are looking to get our terpene provider dialed in asap and after reading this you are definitely an option.

Ideally i’m looking to put out between 4-10 different strain types.

Do you guys do samples? If not I will just purchase a few of whatever you recommend and make a few hundred test cartridges with.

Thank you


between true terpenes and theterpenestore i have probably spent upwards of 15,000$ in terpenes. I’m sure there are people who have spent 10x that but what i can say with confidence is Floraflex terpenes are on point with if not better than what is out there. if you are wondering which to try my top 3 are Sour Diesel, Strawberry Cough and Sour Tsunami. Not one of the flavors i tried was disappointing. They do free shipping, offer a discount for us on the forum and provide amazing customer service. I do not know why people are still hesitant. If you’re running a business making thousands of pens then how is a 50$ purchase so second guessed? Buy the terps and try em.


gelato. strawberry cough. sour tsunami. sour diesel - if you order you have to try those they’re great

edit: i’m running them at 12%


Thank you Tom!! Exactly what I wanted to hear. I will place an order of at least those three either this week or next week 100%.


I find the terps harsh, and I am running at 4%. I probably have to move to steam distilled cannabis terps to get to a less harsh smoke.

I may be weak sauce, but so many people I talk to just say that carts I general, make them cough.

That aside, my first line of carts will contain some flavors from floraplex and some from flavor appretice.


Have you tried Floraplex yet? And do you mean perfumer apprentice? I spoke to the owner of perfumers apprentice not too long ago and they seem like the real deal. The reason the price is so low is because they literally buy a shitload of the stuff at a time. Apparently they compete with all the others but are like 1/10th the price.


TFA is introuble with the FDA because of marketing artificial flavors to the ecig industry. It’s sad and we hope they pull through. We do not know much about what is going on over there but we hear it is not good. TFA is a diluter. They purchase bulk and dilute 10x+. That is how they afford to sell for so cheap.


I will be curious to know if you found cannabis derived terpenes any less harsh. Thanks for the feedback!


Thanks for the feedback. Those are definitely some of our most popular flavors.


Thanks for the feedback Tom!


Hey! When you go to the Blends page, our products are automatically listed from left to right in or of most popular to least. Hope this helps!


If you read my post, I am going with both. The bubblegum from flavor appretice is pretty damn tasty. As for floraplex, I am going with sour diesel, strawnana and gelato.

Flavor appretice has been doing flavors for years in ecig.


Is TFA the same as perfumers apprentice?

Also when you say diluter, do you mean their stuff is 10% as potent as the terpenes from other similar companies?

I will be trying both regardless, just not sure if you mean perfumers apprentice or not.


Thank you i will probably do something similar. What percentage are you using on the bubblegum? Is it still the 6-12% range everyone recommends?


TFA TPA do a great job. They are facing heavy scrutinitg from the FDA because 75% of their business is geared torwards the ecig industry. They sell TONS of pg based flavorings—bubble gum more than likely being one.


Yes TFA is TPA, TPA is TFA. They buy bulk raw materials, concentrated aromatics and flavorings, dilute them with solvents and repackage. More than likely they dilute their terpene blends heavily with limonene (could be another solvent), that’s why they are so affordable—at least that is the hunch. To afford to offer those prices their is some heavy diluting going on, or they are fire saleing.


They claim right on their site what the carrier liquid is for each flavor. For most of the terpene blends, it’s definitely limonene but there are a few that have MCT as the carrier.


Hey guys. So I recently ordered a Sour Diesel and Strawberry Cough from Floraplex.

Both flavors were absolutely bomb.

Do you guys have any other suggestions for good flavors? I’m looking to test out about 4-5 new ones I’d say.


I personally on a , Gelato x Pineapple Express kick right now. I blended them together at 3 parts Gelato and one part Pineapple Express… Gelato Express!


NEW FLAVOR ALERT! These will be dropping at the end of next week! Enjoy!!