Floraplex Terpenes


@FloraplexTerpenes Thank you. How do the gelato and pineapple express hold on their own? I will probably get those two + a few others. Are there any others that stand out well on their own?



gelato, sour tsunami


Yes Gelato and Pineapple Express are excellent on their own.

I love making my on concoctions though! Also if you are making vape carts, it might be a good idea to mix a few of our flavors to come up with your own unique blends to maintain individuality in the market place.

I am bias, I think all of our flavors are great on their own. Lots of new flavors to come!


I got the sample pack from you guys and have been messing around with them. Thanks again for sending them my way. And for anyone wondering i have been pleased with them thus far. Very tasty and literally the fattest sample pack Ive ever gotten from a terpene company.


@Tom Thank you I will most likely grab these two. Is the sour tsunami similar to the sour diesel?

@FloraplexTerpenes I do too for sure. ATM i’m still on the smaller side of things so testing batches can get a bit expensive. Do you have any experience with using regular oil soluble flavors (vanilla, watermelon, candy, cream, etc) on top of your terpene blends? I’ve read a few places you can come up with some great stuff but atm I’m too amateur to take an educated leap. Would love to hear your thoughts. Also I may wait until the end of the week to try your new stuff.

Thanks again


Hello new member here i just purchased the Denver pack and cant wait to taste the flavors I also forgot to use the coupon code before i ordered lol i will be using it next time i order. I will be mixing some of each of the Denver pack flavors into 75 gram batches of bho/wax. I am new at using liquid terpenes and hope this will make my medical patients and me very happy. i will be leaving reviews on all the products i use and hope to have a long lasting relationship with this company… Thanks


I just made my first order from Floraplex with Drew today. The services and optimistic options he gave me are unseen from any other services I have experienced. Super helpful and informative I found the flavors I wanted fast and even a sample to test and see what the patient’s verdict is. Thanks again for your help Drew. I’m anxious to try out these new terps I’ve heard so many good things about. I look forwards to a full analysis of the product and posting a follow up review for all you fine folks at home.


Don’t expect your order to ship same day even when an employee guarantees it.


@FloraplexTerpenes When will your new flavors drop? I need to order some labels so I figured why not do a test run of some new flavors and grab some labels accordingly. I plan on ordering the labels within the next few days so If the terpenes will drop by the end of the week I’m prly going to order some purple punch and fruity pebbles. I’ll also be ordering at minimum blue dream, banana og, and 2 others on top of the purple punch and fruity pebbles.

Thanks, look forward to hearing from you.


They are available on the site right now! www.buyterpenesonline.com !


Drew is a customer service champ. Glad to hear that you had a pleasurable experience!


Im so sorry to hear that your request was over looked! Have you been taken care of? Please feel free to DM me and we will get your situation squared away.


Awesome enjoy!!


If any of you all are going to be at MJbizcon Vegas this coming week please stop by the booth and say hi! If you stop by the booth and mention @future 4200 I will give you a sample pack free!

We have an awesome smell bar and will be playing the “can you pronounce this terpene” game!

Ignore the suits in the rendering :wink:


I found floraplex through this site and decided to signup. Been buying terps from a couple different places, mainly The Terp Store. I haven’t mixed the floraplex yet, but they smell better than any others I’ve ever purchased. I bought 9 different flavors and will report back on all of the favorites.


Mix strawberry cough with gelato, 50/50 and give that a smell

Strawberry Gelato - super super fire


Awesome thanks for checking us out and we hope that you enjoy!


i am slowly making the switch, floraplex has better terps at half the price.

each bottle is a separate flavor


Hey guys!

Until 01/01/2019 we will be giving away a free 5mL strain blend (up to 3 x 5mL blends) of your choice for every $100 spent on the website. Please list your choices in the comment section when checking out.

This is our way of saying thanks to the Future4200 community and to allow everyone to try some new blends out that they may not have tried otherwise.

Happy Holidaze :wink: !


looks like my fridge lol!