Floraplex Terpenes


thanks for the deal…just grabbed me 6x blends from you all! looking forward to seeing how they smell and taste…thanks for the free bottle!


These are the oils for thc vape pens correct? I have the ATM vape, good quality…just refill the oils? Your prices are great but hard to decide when there’s alot of he said she said about companies selling false products or it doesn’t contain what it’s supposed to… I smoke a decent bit but need. Reliable supply.
Is there any samples available, please message me anytime. Thanks


you will need to mix the terpenes with either thc or cbd before loading into a cart.


I think my order got lost in the mail or something. It hasn’t updated the tracking since it was picked up and it was supposed to be here today and it’s not.


Hey everyone!

Use promocode flpx25 for 25% off until Tuesday 12:00am.

Also for ever $100 spent you will receive 1 5mL of your choice. Up to 3 picks. Leave your selections in the comment box at checkout!

Happy Black Friday to Cyber Monday weekend!!


Oh and just an update on our diluent.

It is almost ready! We will be looking for 5 future4200 terpene users to test it out for us. Please respond to this post if you would like to try it out on our behalf and give feed back.

Please post:

1 Why you are qualified to test it?
2 How will you test it?



Id love to test the diluent ive been playing around with hash rosin carts for my customers using the viscosity from true terpenes with really great results. 1. Qualified to test because my end goal is too not modify or change the original terpene profile of the hash rosin.


Hey Mad_Bhomber,

I just saw your post. What is your order number? Feel free to direct message us and we will get you taken care of ASAP. Sorry about the issue with shipping. USPS has been giving us serious problems lately. Hoping to be switched over to UPS 100% soon. We appreciate your patience with the matter.


What is a good contact # for Floraplex I have a few questions before I place an order and I cant seem to get ahold of anyone with you 800 # or the number on Facebook?


(800) 330-3233

If you tried over the weekend, our team has been on thanksgiving break and will return to the office tomorrow at 8:00am EST.


Is this open to anyone?

  1. I hate diluent and have tried branded products, C8-10, TEC, Squalene, Terps (Phytol Limonene Myrcyne Beta Pinene) C8 has been the crowd favorite


Where do you get your c8 isolate?


Yes it is open to anyone. We will get you samples once we are done with formulation. We have been at it for 4 months now…


Have you found any substantial difference between C8, C10, and MCT (if you’ve used it) with regard to cutting distillate and overall user experience?

Are you using a C8-C10 blend?



Started with MCT and Triethyl Citrate.

Triethyl Citrate tasted bad when used heavily but seems to have an effect similar to Citric Acid in edibles. When TEC is used in minute amounts it seems to enhance flavor, better than the vape juice flavor enhancers.

MCT as a blend has had all around bad reviews, along with C8&C10 blends

C8 has been the best so far as the body of the diluent. Not as harsh as anything else and its 50 dollars for a 1.5 l bottle. It’s only downside is it seems to react with the carts, their seals, and air. It produces discoloration.

If you want to dilute with terpenes, I found that limonene, pinene, and myrcene can be used to dilute terpene blends and hte for use in applications where flavor matters less, like china carts.


I missed out. Got my terps bout week ago.


Has anyone compared floralfex to true terps or the terpene store?


I’m new here, joined to learn about terpene isolation but then found this thread. I’m very picky about strain smells and tastes. I decided to start my terp trials with Floraplex based on this thread and ordered a GDP last night. I can smell/taste/recognize ‘proper’ granddaddy purp flower with my senses blindfolded, it’s very nostalgic to me, so I’m expecting that nice light soft purple, fruity, sweet grape-ness. I’ll let you all know my opinion when it arrives.


I personally make 500+ carts a month.

Testing will be done by my many clients who use vape my carts.


Hey ringtail,

Welcome to the site :grinning:

We’re very happy you chose us for your trials. We hope to meet and exceed all your needs. Please let our team know if you have any questions, or just want to chat.

Also, please note that our terpene blends are very concentrated, so smelling the bottle isn’t an ideal representation of our GDP. You’ll get the full effect when it’s diluted to the proper working concentration.