Floraplex Terpenes


Hello all long time lurker but first time poster. I would like to say that I am very pleased with the floraplex line. I have made 3 separate orders with them and everytime they ship very fast. I was also to call once and have something overnighted because I had forgotten to order one terp I needed.

I tried using straight terpenes for my first batch at the 12% that Tom had suggested earlier in this thread and found that at that strength the terps overpowered my distillate and tasted more like a perfume than the flavors I had hoped for. After floraplex dropped their cutting agent I ordered it and used a 14% cut using 6% terps and 8% diluent. This ratio allows the distillate to be ever so slightly viscous and really allows the flavors of the terps to come through and taste ever so good.

Once again guys thanks for the hard work and great products.

If I could recommend just a couple ideas I would like to see an option for us to select overnight shipping as well as a few more terp profiles like an orange daquri. BlackBerry, lemon head, watermelon, cinnamon toast cr8nch, and something mango.

I make my carts several thousand at a time and really like to mix up the flavors.


Thanks for the review! :clap: Looks great!

We try to treat our customers the way we would want to be treated :slight_smile:

Once we have new products ready I’ll DM you to see if you want to be an early tester, like for our thickener, CBD distillate/isolate diluent, etc. :+1:

We are working with our web developer to offer air shipping options at checkout. We very much want to, so we can allow anyone in the world to order easily. The issue is the very complex IATA and 49CFR rules for shipping terpenes (mostly class 3, packaging group 3 flammable or combustible liquids), and the exceptions to those rules.

We have a lot of new products in the barrel, including Watermelon and many others, some of which are on your list. I’ll forward your reqest to our R&D team.


It won’t let me dm. Can you message me?


Dabba Dabba Dooo! Took some Vanilla Kush and added 1 drop of Purple Punch Yummmmm
For me the key is to add very little terps. After it cooled off it went from the original glass shatter to pull-n-snap.


1 drop per gram?


Yes that’s what I been adding. Whenever I use an eye dropper I never let the terps touch the rubber. I like using the eye dropper cus it is glass. I have glass syringes but not worth using it for a drop.


Cool good to know. Im working on a different application for reintroducing terps to shatter. I want to take old garbage and take that nasty mishandled hay taste away. And make it look pretty and taste great again all with bho


I winterized some shitty shatter last year, I put a few terps drop in the alcohol, i did a low temp purged and it work pretty good, change the whole taste !


I thought that would work


Putting in a lil work this am. Thanks floraplex for the great products.


How you liking the disty gun?


So nice! I would expect nothing less for you! :fire:

Thanks for sharing, love to see your work! :slight_smile:


Received terps from floraplex - could not smell a thing and every profile tasted flat and bitter - had completely forgotten I had a stinking cold - until sonny boy came home and said what’s that smell?! And thereafter he was my nose, smelling everything and even identifying each of them CORRECTLY with eyes closed. He said they smelt SO GOOD that he felt enlightened! Lol :joy: :+1::+1: so one more fan @FloraplexTerpenes

My main question is this: how edible are these grades of terpenes?


Well, that post was a bit of a roller coaster! Glad it turn out great and your cold is gone! :mask:

Thanks for the great review! And tell your son, thanks! :slight_smile:

The terpene blends are all food grade. Used after proper dilution in edibles.


Just received my order, thanks!


don’t forget to post a review and say what your mix ratio is. i have 6 samples, gotta get more distillate to play with them all.


Sweet! Looks great. Let us know what you think!

Did you get a diluent? If not, DM me and I’ll see about hooking you up. :slight_smile:


My order is tiny compared to any of these guys, but since you seem to be still throwing in the diluent sample I’d thought I’d mention I placed a small one yesterday for a 5ml of Super Lemon Haze and 5ml of Strawnana :grin: I honestly figured I missed the window.


Hey! DM me your order number if you have it (it’s OK if you don’t) and I’ll have a diluent included for you. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the order!


I only received 15ml. If you could send some more that would be awesome!