Floraplex Terpenes


Are you still doing samples?


I’d like a bottle if possible


Members looking for a free sample check here-> Floraplex Terpene Diluent Free Samples for Future4200 members!


Hi Terppin!

For business, yes: Free Terpene Strain Blend Samples for Businesses


Made up some OG Zkittles by adding 1 drop of Zkittles terps to some OG Kush shatter

Cutting shatter bho with terpenes sop
Floraplex Terpene Diluent Free Samples for Future4200 members!

I would love to hear your review on those terps :slight_smile:


Any discounts for the 42 sample pack?


Yup! Just use the coupond code future4200 for 20% off. And we’ll toss 30 mL of our Terpene Diluent for you to try (in the notes mention that Jeff said to include a free 30 mL dilulent). :slight_smile:

I bet the community here would LOVE a review (and so would we) affter you try those 42 blends and diluent! :man_dancing:


@Baked-All-Day, LOVE IT! Keep them coming! :slight_smile:

Would you like some new samples? Anything specific you’d like to try? Let me know and I’ll get them shipped off to you ASAP!


I ordered the strawberry cough and grape ape last week. they both are really good flavors. the strawberry cough was my favorite out of the two, it was not just a fruity flavor but more of a strain with a fruity undertone. Very tasty.
I didnt get the terpene dilutent with my order but i for got to mention jeff in the notes. I did try to reach out on instagram but never heard back from you guys.


what is your ratio of distillate to terps?


What is your guys dilutent? Is it a terpene. Please explain


Just placed an order… can’t wait to try these out!!


Hi Twiz!

Sorry about the missing Diluent. Please DM me your order number or address and I’ll have shipping send off a Dilunet a free sample terpene blend as well :slight_smile:


Nice! :+1:


Here you go! Floraplex Terpene Diluent Free Samples for Future4200 members! :slight_smile:


COA’s, SDS, and Food Grade certs link to “403 Forbidden” “nginx”
It seems your webserver is not properly configured to display them?


Thanks! I’ll let the web developers know.


Hi @FloraplexTerpenes I have been trying to get hold of someone who can help me with a bulk order . I tried emailing and Instagram but not sure if my emails are coming through ?

Please help .


Hi! Sorry to hear about that! We changed our email and now only use our Contact Us page. I’ll get a hold of the person who does IG and make sure that doesn’t happen again.

If you don’t get a response from the Contact Us page, try giving us a call. We are here from around 9am to 7pm seven days a week.