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Hi! Soon come. Our team :woman_scientist: :man_scientist: is busy working on it. We’ll be sure to make an announcement here and on our mailing list.

Thanks for the interest!


Hi Floraplex, can your team send me a small sample for business if sent to a local US address? Don’t really want to commit to $1000 and iata etc before sampling :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers: thank you.
ps. I had filled in a form on the Floraplex site, but no response as yet


Hi there! I just submitted my first order with you. I’m excited to see what the different packs have to offer! I’l be leaving a review as well. :slight_smile:


Hi Terpspirit!

Sure, no problem. :slight_smile: Sorry for the delay in processing your sample request. If you’d like, please message me your email address so I can get it going.

Oh yeah, for air shipments the dangerous goods/hazmat fee doesn’t apply to small volumes like a sample kit. So, it’s only the regular cost to ship anything.

After you try them please let us know what you think!



Great, thanks :+1: We love to hear back from our customers and strive to exceed expectations. Please let us know if we can help you or just reach out if you want to chat.


@FloraplexTerpenes good to hear from you - lets talk further here: europiaimpex@gmail.com


ccell, ikrusher or another brand?


I would like to try your terpenes, i have an order to finish wit the denver terps i have. But before i go soend several thousand to restock id like to give yours a try. How would igo about doing rhat?


I can’t wait to get them. I showed the first shipment was canceled. It shows a new tracking now. Is this normal?


Hi Concentrated_humbold!

Great news! We provide free samples to businesses You will find the application here: https://www.buyterpenesonline.com/free-samples-for-businesses/


Hello 365_Budz!

Yup, that sometimes happens. Most likely our shipping dept. had to re-do the shipment processing for some reason (like they entered a wrong zip code, for example). No worries though. The shipment is good to go and will reach you soon. :smile:

If you’d like, message me the order number or your name or address so I can investigate.


No need! The new tracking already says it’s near! Thanks a lot!


Got my free samples in today. Smells are extremely nice! I cant wait to try them out in the coming days/weeks.


Great to hear :slight_smile: We hope you’re stoked when you try them. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out!


Hi Demontrich,

Sweet! We are stoked you’re testing them out :slight_smile:

Hit us up if you want to chat or have questions. Be well!


Your stuff definitely smells more real to me! And I hear pricing better ,just got my samples in today… Testing soon!

Thanks so much


Thanks Stone! We’re stoked you’re happy. Let us know what you think once you test them :slight_smile:


We’ve gotten a few emails about our email address. We recently shut down our info@buyterpenesonline.com address. We are asking people to contact us through our Contact page.


Some Northern Lights/Purple Haze shatter mixed w/Sunset Sherbet.
Taste good. I will report back once I try some more strains.

Floraplex Terpene Diluent Free Samples for Future4200 members!


Glad you like it! You’ll have some new strains to play with tomorrow as well :slight_smile: