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I had the same experience with Wedding Cake, not gassy or cookie smelling, and alot of that pine smell. However, i highly recommend the strawberry cough, smelled and tasted what could be believed as strawberry. Very nice fruity sweet smell, nothing like the overpowering pine profiles the others give off


Thanks for taking a look into the formula, I appreciate it as well. Hopefully you can easily get the Purple Urkle lineage of the GDP to shine through a bit more and less of the Big Bud. I realize an exact replica in taste/smell is unrealistic at this time but I’m here to help you get into the same ballpark because it will benefit us both :smiley:.


Ah bummer. But thanks for letting me know about the strawberry cough. I’ll keep that in mind. I’m trying to find ones that are close to the strains real taste/smell. I can’t stand the pine (outside of Jack Herer) but it keeps following me around lol


We have used the following blends from these guys and love them all. Great job guys Thank You !!!
Strawberry Cough
Wedding Cake
Goji OG
Sunset Sherbert


Thanks PkBros! Really appreciate the kind words!


Hi I ordered your terpenes a few times now and we absolutely love them. Only issue is some of the bottles aren’t full. Not sure if they’re leaking. I’m about to be placing a order can you please address this issue. Tia


Thanks! We’re stoked you love them (we do too!). I’m sorry for your experience with some of the bottles leaking. That shouldn’t happen again.

Before you place your order please contact us and we’ll make it right.


Has anyone tried the super lemon haze and could speak on its a good one to get? Thinking of either that, sour diesel or strawberry cough


If you are trying to be more discreet I would go with lemon or strawberry the sour D will have more of a ‘weedy’ smell to it… But if weedy is what you are going for, then sour D!


I have all 3 of them. I really like the strawberry cough and im lucky cause that was a freebie. I’m not a fan of the sour d. It had a very strong pinene smell to it. Really overpowered everything. I have the super lemon haze as well. I think that was one that I liked as well. Sour D and their Durban poison were almost the same.


Gelato has been my favorite. Strawberry cough in second place


I’ll buy some


Has anyone tried blueberry ak?


We’re stoked so many people are happy with our products! If there’s anything we can do to help please don’t hesitate to let us know. We’re also excited about some new products we’re working on that I’m sure will be a big hit.

@Ssian Blueberry AK is good seller for us, it’s the most popular of our blueberry strain blends.


Hi, sorry I lost the context. What would you like to buy ?


Out of the lemon diesel, super lemon haze and lemon og? Which would you recommend ?


Hi Ssian,

All three of those are great in my opinion. The Super Lemon Haze is most popular. I think the Super Lemon Haze is a bit more ‘lemony’.

Hope that helps, and I would love to hear opinions from Future4200 members!


Hi Floraplex, is it now ok to send terpenes overseas, I read earlier post about class 3 etc.
I’m looking to develop my products further - would purchase a range of your terps if I can be sure of not being stuck in transit. Pls enlighten, thank you.



Yes, we ship worldwide. We have customers in Germany, Great Britain, Israel, Canada, Spain, etc. However, there are some areas in some counties that we cannot ship to based on the shipper we use. And depending upon the volume of the order there may be a IATA dangerous goods fee of $147 for air shipping.

We require a minimum order of $1,000 to ship outside of the US states.

Happy new year :tada:


@FloraplexTerpenes Any news on the Floraplex diluent?