Floraplex Terpenes


I can confidently say there are people already producing quality formulations that would fall into that “third wave” category… Botanical terpenes accompanied by the cannabis derived essential oils of the same specific strain is a combination thats hard to beat!


newest scoop, using at 13% / 87% distillate


Noted, thanks for the tip - although I’m really looking forward to wafting the bottle :wink: hahah I’ll be sure to wait until after dilution to give it a fair chance.


Personally I find them less harsh. Others that have tried both versions of our carts have said the same. An interesting one is that I have a few friends that our regular carts make them sneeze, and the cannabis derived ones don’t.


Put in my order. I.look forward to trying them out!


Have ordered from you in the past anthonykemp1986@gmail.com. You have the best terps I have tried so far. the perfect mix for me is 3% for plex and 3% plant derive. Would like to keep using Floaplex. I have $300 in my cart and tried the 25% off and could not get it applied, maybe it already expired at noon today. looking forward to more business :slight_smile:


Hey Tryterps,

Thanks for the order attempt! I’m sorry you missed the cut off time, but worry not, here’s a code just for you that’s worth 25% off. The coupon is configured to work with your listed e-mail, so please use it on checkout. We look forward to supplying you terpenes.

Code: Tryterps_here_is_25_percent_off_thanks


PLEX - I placed the order! Cant wait to try them out and provide positive feedback. THANKS FOR THE DEALS.


We would like to try your products and we wanted to order one or two packs this WE for black Friday but impossible to be delivered in France.
We have tried to request a quotation for a delivery by email and by your contact form but no answer.
Do you know how to order from France?


Hey nicopulko,

Welcome to the site :grinning:

Yes, we ship to France and worldwide! Sorry you missed our Black Friday deal, but we’ll make it right. I apologize if we missed your e-mail. I have alerted our sales department. Once you’re in contact with our sales department please ask them to generate a custom coupon for you, for 25% off. Without your e-mail address I cannot generate you a custom coupon now.

Our website cart and checkout pages currently only allow for selecting US and Canada as destination countries. But, thanks to your post that’s something we’re going to change.

People ordering from countries other than the US and Canada should reach out to us by phone [1-800-330-3233] or e-mail [info@buyterpenesonline.com] to place the order, because we need to generate a custom shipping quote.

Thanks for your business!


Okay, dude, thanks ! Can’t wait to try your NorCal and SoCal packs :wink:


The lowest boiling terpenoids are non-functionalized 10 carbon hydrocarbons such as pinene, limonene, sabinene etc. Isoprene itself is also made in some plants, even in large amounts, it is too volatile and reactive to be captured in commercial amounts. It also has a quite strong and pungent aroma, resembling gasoline components. I can source some for you if you still need it.

Saturated terpenes typically have weaker scents, but are not as plentiful in nature.
I can also procure some of those for you but they won’t be cheap. Pinene, however,
has a fairly mild scent and is both reasonably volatile and economical.


@FloraplexTerpenes Hey Guys, any news on your diluent? Looking for something like TemperTEC to dilute down CBD isolate, and we are already super happy with your Terps!


Hey CosmicBandit,

Thanks for the feedback and interest in our diluent - we’re stoked you’re happy with our terpenes!

We’re nearly done with diluent R&D, so it shouldn’t take much more time. We’ll make sure to announce here when the diluent is packaged up and ready to ship. :slight_smile:


Would love to test out your brand new diluent when it becomes available!!

  1. Have tried MCT, and connoisseur concentrates “flavorless” and have been disappointed.
  2. I will be using it in CBD/THC distillate carts, I’ve found myself and others prefer closer to 4-5% terpenes but the carts we use perform best with 10-12% terpene content so this would help balance them out.

Excited to have found this thread, have been reading several reviews of your gelato and sunset sherb and will be ordering a cookie sample pack soon :wink: hoping to test the diluent with those as well.
Cheers and thanks


Flora terps are more unique then true terpenes for me


Got my GDP terps in. Make sure you don’t use USPS, they’re really slow! Anyways, these terps are super concentrated, just a little bit goes a long way indeed. The flavor also feels more ‘natural’ and not as ‘manufactured’. Defiantly a quality product, good work :ok_hand:. However, the GDP did not taste/smell like GDP, its more of a pink bubble gum with some pine tree sap. Even after proper dilution. I was surprised since the website says ‘Grape, berry, sweet’ - I was almost expecting overwhelming grape notes but it ended up being more pinene heavy with minimal linalool. It’s not bad if you’re into that flavor, but its not GDP, so I’m bummed about that. Maybe I’ll give some other iconic flavored strains a try.


Ringtail, thanks so much for trying out our product. USPS has most definitely been causing us and our customer’s plenty of headache. We are hoping to make the switch to UPS 100% this coming week! We will also be reverting back to FREE shipping on all orders when our new negotiated rates kick in (hoping Monday). We try out best to replicate terpene profiles from the strains that we love with the materials that are available to us. I will take a look at the formulation and see if there are ways that we can improve it. We greatly appreciate your feedback and business.


Thank you for the kind words.


Absolutely! It is still in development… We are trying to create something new, but not totally reinvent the wheel at the same time.

Shouldn’t be too much longer, and Future4200 will be the first to know!