Only The Strong sauce tek


Getting ready to pour in couple days

Just everyday huge chunks keep falling out, was super thick liquid when I posted last pic, now the terps have crashed out and are super thin…

And oooo boy look at those stones.

I know it I wouldn’t have disturb for pics they would have been bigger


Just wanted to show you don’t have to have HEAT for all those that step is bothering


You may have recovered to much solvent. Psi can not be the best indicator. When you get close to your desired level. Remove the collection vessel from the warm water bath. After a few mins the pressure will go down as the cold tank condenses the solvent. Then you can finish the process. You want at least 350-400ml of mother solution. Can be more or less depending on system size.


Hello, I’m new to these forums and I’m trying to get into Diamond Mining. I’m wondering if I can use the same tactics up above but with my set up. I currently am using a 2’’ Standard Closed Column Extractor (I am soon gonna buy 70/30 Bho/Propane for better results aswell) Any tips or changes ill need to factor in!?


You definitely need a blended solvent most like tri blend…

Yes you can use with diamond miner, might take in account it’s way thicker than the glass and just make sure your getting to temp for cryo…

Probably even switch to acetone instead alcohol… good luck bro

Ahh just poured the terps off! Yes might go ask my girl to marry me with one these stones!

gonna give another go at washing now that I have something worth washing!

I started with 3 420ml butane = 1260l ,don’t know how much whatever you call anything else but, I start cryo at about 800-900ml , doesn’t have to be exact, but right about 2/3 of my original value…I even reblasted several times after it so melts, then start over on the last one to get more. Just as long as you start cryo about 2/3 of your starting solute? I think it’s the word… Then after cryo I don’t seal till about 300-450ml , which is a 1/3rd my starting solute, the jar is marked. It’s actually really easy and very repeatable regardless the size or saturation of biomass? Idk I guessed on that one, I’m sure someone will tell me the right one… But in much appreciation I love learning! Keep to SOP!



My first THCa crystallization yielded 0.25 gram chunks in a week, using only butane and no cryogenic precipitation (just cold extraction from dry, warehouse floor trim)

I’ll dig for the photos… Meanwhile here are some handy bits of info

something like thisgrowthsaturation


Diamonds from floor sweep? Sounds like you’ve got this down.

Can’t prove you’re a gangster, membership isn’t public…

certainly some have proclaimed their affiliation :slight_smile:

I’m sure tri-blend can be used in an open system such as the “closed column
style @TortuousS is using, but I personally would avoid using any blends in a system without a gauge and a pressure relief valve.


Do units like these exist? Holy hash oil batman! that’s a bomb! I don’t think I would put air into something without a guage!


he’s here to tell everyone they lost their credibility. but yes you are correct the propane and isobutane pull different terpenes and biochemicals than n butane alone. and those biochemicals are key to a proper sauce.


Yeah thank goodness I was smart enough to at least get that upgrade, although with the amount cans I run and the fact that I don’t soak and was advising anyone that does not to would help… guess I need to clear that part up an might help…

Btw why when I soak even with my open jacket I get cloudy budder sand instead clear crystal with clear golden terps

Forum-based Article, Fam?

I’m assuming that you’re using a tri-blend when soaking. I’ve not gone that route based on the certifications my machine came with.

I would imagine that by soaking you are pulling additional compounds. Or more of a particular compound.

Depending on soak temperature, and dewaxing protocol (if you do that part), it might simply be fats & waxes you’re picking up. I’d need to actually play with your extracts (eg winterize) to really have any idea what’s going on.


Yeah I’m definitely picking up plant matter when I soak more than 5 min


Would i blast directly into the mason jar? then freeze with a blend for a few days? Or do i need to buy a whole new system like the Diamond Miner? i was going to get material this week…


actual plant matter should filter out. what sort of filtration do you have between your extraction column and your receiver. many folks use whatman #1 filters, I use 1um nominal glass fibre. with a whatman after it to catch any stray glass.


I have the metal one that’s way too big, then I use couple fast grade qualitative filter paper… Then couple coffee filters just in case

So if I get cold enough, and smaller filters should that help fix some that problem


I suspect more “cold enough” than smaller filters. but the only way to know for sure is to try it. I’m guessing you’re running a 3" column? 9cm are the most likely to fit. they’re not cheap. (although these are only $0.77 each)

Edit: @Soxhlet is correct. those 9cm filters are for a 4" column. you want 70 or 75mm. Although you can wrap excess filter up around those rings he shows and make a 90mm work…


I use a 7.0 cm in a 3" filter stack your milage may very.

Shown here is the outside diameter of a filter stack spacer intended for a 3" column.
The tube should have an I.D. of 2.815" or close to that. I think a 7.5 cm may be the biggest you can go.


I assume that’s blast with a blend. then freeze for a few days.

yeah. ish. I’m not a huge fan of open blasting, or evaporating solvent in a freezer in a mason jar.

if you run out of dry ice in your freezer, you have a much higher chance of things going sideways on you when using lower boiling point mixtures. n-butane is a liquid at standard household freezer temps. Propane, and propane blends are not.


Could i just get a box and keep it stocked with dry ice instead of using a freezer directly? Thanks for the help so far man! Just getting into advanced extracting


I lost about half in the wash, it’s ethanol… If it shouldn’t take that much when you wash then I did it wrong, I had to do it 2x… I kept the ethol this time got on dry ice, figured I’d winterize while dissolved, plus the terp cutting agent I have for vapes calls for distalites or winterized product… Here we go I’m sure it looks awful compared you y’all? Think I broke the big ones trying to scrap out Frozen, that was first mistake I won’t make next time! I’ll pre fold it in filter paper then freeze or something, any suggestions?

But I’m only on 2"x 24" open jacket, and I have one without any jacket… Couple short ones too to interchange…

I will upgrade to CLS within the year, even if I don’t recover just to be safer!!!


have you read all 450+ posts in this thread? a cooler with dry-ice and alcohol inside a regular freezer is what the OP recommends.

a box would work until you ran out of dry ice. a cooler would last longer. a cooler inside a freezer even longer…although a freezer is more problematic once you run out of dry ice.