My one solvent extraction winterization process



Sox I don’t mind building/wielding that is what I prefer so if you want to help set me in the right directions on parts and meterials needed to make an Ss column or a closed loop. I don’t want to be using pvc but I am using it for the time being to keep up my regiment. My plan is to make enough for my closed loop and start doing my extracts that way. I have a friend up north who can get my stuff lab tested, I plan on testing a pvc run and the closed loop stuff to see how much solvent I have left in my product and to see if there are impurities.

Everyone that’s chiming in on pvc leaching into final product, before I made my dewaxing tube last night I’d winterize using alcohol and freezing it. To my understanding pvc doesn’t dissolve in alcohol and should precipitate out and get caught in the filters. I understand the amount leaching off can be to small to see, but they’re should be some kind of indication of pvc caught in the filter if it is dissolving it


It sure looked like it. You guys already said enough. Ive seen people with pvc air lines in there auto body shop blow and hurt some people in the past.

O.P> This is really a safety hazard. I really hope you listen to all the really smart people here. They will get you on the right path.


Cycle yes it has a slight sweet smell to it. Normally use Newport butane. I decided to give this stuff a try when I saw it was a propane/butane mix. Now if you can point
Me in the right direction of getting a propane/butane mix with no odor I’ll order that. This was my second time using this propane/butane mix and this was more so a test to see how much better it is having a 70/30 ratio of butane and propane. I more so wanted to try it because the propane pulls more Terps out that you normally don’t get with butane.


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Dm me an we can talk about fabrication, it’s not too hard of you have the equipment. The terpenes in marajuana are solvents too, they can interact with pvc too.
Here is a chart of chemical compatibility


@soxhlet So I’ve heard that it can become brittle and cold that’s why I went with the black pvc pipe it’a at least twice as thick and can with stand more pressure than the traditional white pvc. I don’t use glue on any parts that’ll come in contact with the solvent. I use mostly plumbing tape to get everything tight and secured. I use the glue around the seems on the outside on the lets that don’t need to come off. Anyone have any idea if it still can pull the glue in if it was only used on the outside.
Also thank you I completely forget that terpenes act as a solvent too.
I want to try using Limonene as a solvent for extraction one day in the near future


These are your “legos” if you will.


welcome. glad you’re here to up your game.

the PVC monomers are carcinogenic.
same with the mercaptans used as odorant.
so long as it’s informed personal choice, who gives a rats arse?

you’ve implied that you’re doing this for $, and I would strongly discourage you from using either odorized solvent, or PVC based equipment for anything other than personal meds.

a glass-blower can fab you a tube of whatever diameter you need. although you might want to have that done by someone with a glass lathe, because inconsistencies in a hand blown tube might be more fun than you’re looking for.

as @Soxhlet has pointed out, there is a set of pre-made “tinker-toys” that have proven very versatile in the hands of hashasins.

Used to be Glacier Tanks was the go to source, but these days you can tell what the industry is up to just by watching what BVV’s have for sale…


Aldo huge thanks for that chart so it says propane is safe to use and it says butane is a c. The issue it says on the site is that swelling, loss of strength, and softening of the material from long term use(I normally replace my pipe every 5 to 10 runs.All that sounds like problems that could. occur from extreme pressure and/or cold.


Whip it premium uk brand 420 ml cans is blended, and we never ever use a solvent that has an odorant…

Also you can buy all the parts individually online, there sent discrete, if you have local brewing beer supply company they carry a lot the parts…a SS fitting place have the rest…

I buy online and have shipped in pieces then put together w gas tape and blast on…

Regardless, the guys here know there shit, you come for help, well your biggest problem is that… It doesn’t take much to kill you or anyone else that’s smoking it

Btw I wouldn’t put anything but SS in cryo bath of dry ice alcohol,

And you don’t have to do the cryo bath,
My buddies for years have been making by sticking columns in dry ice for couple hours…

Still your not gonna have any good responses out that rig sorry bro…I wanna help you, it’s cheap as fuck, build your on!

It’s 2018 man build your own, you can buy whatever you want online w very discreet shipping


Propane is going to make a pipe bomb, way colder/higher psi.


I’m loving the tag on the topic…

No shit it’s nothing against you bro, don’t take it wrong way…we just don’t want ANYONE else trying, that’s all… If you do yourself we can’t stop you but,

But, you have all the knowledge here on how to make safe medicine, or as safe as possible… Regardless , a $10-35 glass tube is much better idea and you can still achieve a great product for what it is… If you ever change your mind your at the right place regardless if it didn’t go as planned!

Don’t give up just be smart! And I’m sure several ppl here including me would point you the right way if you needed help obtaining the right stuff, just throw that thing away!

Btw , whoever has you thinking a glass dick don’t fully saturate the material is wrong, they get pretty much everything on a smaller one , the larger ones run into having to “soak” up all the material before it will start coming out, losing temp and using way way way way too much Tane when a large one… Get small one and you be very happy I’m betting


This looks strikingly similar in design…but mine has sight glasses bro!:sunglasses: although a barrel this long gets potatoes going…


while i agree that using pvc is less than smart, he/she is not cracking back to monomer from pvc. However, depending on the manufacturer, there may be varying lavels of plasticizer being freed up by the swelling.

We built a 4 ft, 3 inch column with inlet port, valves and built in screens to defat while running the bho. Parts were obtained in Vancouver, WA for about $6-700.

It could be made closed loop with a couple hundred more in parts and the big bite which is the recovery pump.


You could always run passively, designed right they can be fast to run.


At Glacier?


not that I don’t think the glass tubes fully saturate the buds, but the tubes I found at the head shops the diameter is to wide and have seen butane travel more freely in certain parts of the tubes, thats what deterred me away. This was back in 2010. The tube could have been packed two tight. I found that a tube that has 3/4 diameter you can pick up everything in the first run with less butane. I’ve been using this tube design since 2009. I have been doing my extracts on and off since 2008. I had a decent Haitius from making concentrates for about 3 to 4 years and just started again a few weeks ago and started incorporating this concepts into my pvc pipe. One thing I noticed with cooling my pipe with the dewaxing sleeve the pressure and flow rate of the tane and butane was much more controlled and less erratic. I have had times where my stuff will blast out with so much pressure a five foot cloud of tane just envelopes my work area outside. With my extractions I never had a blow out the worse situation I have ever had is the tip of my butane can snapping and small leaks from not properly sealing my tube. I agree someone shouldn’t take my design and freely use it with out proper knowledge. For example cutting the tube to 12 inches is perfect for an ounce run, a tube that’s 20 to 24 inches is perfect for 2 ounces. So on and so forth the most Ive ran is 2.5 ounces with the tube at 30 inches. I have found this lengths are ideal for my extractions(for me) with a pipe that has a 3/4 diameter.

Also if you are getting the tane and pane to really cold temps before and during its super critical fluid state from an outside source vs. using the pressure it builds up to turn it to a fluid would the device have less pressure as the tane and pane does not want to expand under those conditioned readily like if it was at room temp. The reason I’m asking is I have valves on my device to control the pressure and drip rate of my solution. When using the dewaxing sleeve there is barely any gas leaving the bottom of my pipe and the tane and pane solution drips out like a water faucet vs before when I didn’t have one I would occasionally get a big cloud of tane when the pressure forces it out


Your totally not getting it…

But of course, at cryo temp the pressure drops to to near zero …

Just don’t think I can entertain you doing this though… I’m stepping out