My one solvent extraction winterization process

Moderator Disclaimer Edit: @Future here, OP is using PVC and Butane. We strongly recommend you only use stainless steel when extracting with butane for both operator and end hash smoker safety. DO NOT USE PVC. This thread will remain, as there is useful info in it, and will stand as warning to others considering PVC.

Hey guys my friend invited to this site so I can get more informed in making Terp sauce/diamonds. A little about myself I’ve been experimenting with making concentrates and edibles for about 10 years meow. I stopped for several years when I moved to Florida, talking to an old friend got my creative side going and I decided to hop back into making extracts. Unfortunately I do not have the pleasure of owning a closed loop system yet. I am in the process of saving up for one. Any ways in the mean time I using this bad Larry for my extractions. I started with a simple pvc pipe. Then I ended up adding valves to control pressure and to allow my buds to get fully saturated with butane. Then recently I started reading about dewaxing sleeves and how it eliminates the process of winterizing. I decided to research more about this sleeve and watched some videos. This only made me want a closed loop even more. Personally I like working with my hands and building things. I decided to see if I could add a dewaxing sleeve to my pvc pipe. Long story short I tested it with a small cup a few weeks ago and it worked. The only problem I couldn’t cover my whole extraction tube. I did some thinking and this is the design I came up with today and decided this is what I’ll be using till I get a closed loop in about a month. In the mean time I still want to hone my skills and practice different procedures and methods that others use. Let me know what you guys think

I think I posted in the wrong section and I can’t figure out how to exit my post. Is it because I’m on a phone

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I really don’t know how butane reacts w pvc ,I wouldn’t recommend this…

Your can buy glass dick$35 and make sauce the same, also you can buy closed column made out SS , for under$150

I started off using glass tubes and cc making sauce and diamonds like pro…

I upgraded to cls after getting help from few ppl here…

I’m still not liking the PVC…I almost think a etoh wash until you have the right material would be safer and not leave residuals that you will smoke possibly…I could be completely wrong though… @Soxhlet help us with science on it, is this safe? For human consumption, can the butane react to the PVC?
I know it doesn’t melt my lighter!

Next if you ever need hand dm me, we can get you on the right track

Honestly I think the recipes here for guy like you a lil to much to handle,
you’ll spend $100 just on supplies, I have couple beginner recipes be better suited to learn on before you start jarring up actual butane
, if not good luck!

Edit: there you should be better suited in this category, I’ll double check but I think this the place for you

Btw if you read some the threads here you can get some good info needed

Best$150 you ever spend, when open blasting with a SMALL rig , NO Dewaxing column is needed(not enough time for butane to pass through to warm any, not after the 2hrs in dry ice, you use the column you have to add acetone , it eats your dry ice, this way you can reuse dry ice for next run…or when you get comfortable and start growing Diamonds jarring butane you can use the dry ice in the end for that Tek,it requires it! start off jarring honey unless you really slick!) stick entire packed Extractor in dry ice all the way around, 2hrs… Getting everything cryo cold then blast straight through, NO soak, you’ll get pretty much everything, and give you the perfect clear crystals ever time! You soak without proper equipment, like even if I soak with that rig I showed you, I start picking up plant wax… No soak ,you get everything in small rig just blasting… Your not needing anything big it looks like
If you get anything with some size and want to soak , then you need dewaxing column, but it’s really not much difference… When I open blasted with that after 2hrs dry ice for packed column (glass or SS) it comes out perfect clear Crystals sauce Everytime!

That rig can be bought ready for 150$
They just no need for you to buy a closed loop system unless your really doing some running

But even then I would get a closed column and learn on if your small time like me, just 1500$for cls a bunch money that 150$ can do same thing ,you just don’t get the solvent back, blast in responsible situations and you’ll be ok

And your really not gonna like this but from your top pic you still got tons plants matter picked up…

If you didn’t get below -40f to -55f you for sure did… Most CLS guys run from -40 to -80

Only other option than dry ice is deep freezer that only goes to -10f…2days in that with everything, solvent, packed tube, and you still would get bunch, but less than not doing

I know you think I’m tearing you apart,
But this community is here to help one another only! Good luck buddy

Here you go

And this is probably better than the PVC but the first one better

Guys that taught me to make sauce was using this


Butaine has a rating of “fair” with pvc, it won’t dissolve all of it, but it cetrinaly swells and absorbs/leaches. Defiantly not kosher…Glass, stainless, or fluoropolymer are better material choices for solvents.


Yeah definitely sounded like bad idea to me… Smoking PVC not good idea

not a new idea, or a good idea.

save the PVC for making potato cannons.


I recently found an old potato stuffer in my garage when cleaning, gave it a squirt of propane and hit the lantern lighter. Damn thing shot out spiders!

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My big thing with glass tubes is that I can find none with the diameter I want. Pvc has a fair grading when working with pvc/butane. They say fair can cause swelling and leachment of the material. I believe my device would need to under go a lot more pressure and more solvent to actually start stripping away the pvc. I’ve used pvc piping for bho extractions for 10 years, I have never once had my shatter come out funky from using pvc. I think most of the danger of pvc is that it can swell and not hold as much pressure as stainless steel. I wouldn’t mind SS set up if I can make one vs buying it online. I want a closed loop system more so for the recovery of my butane and the other aspects like being able to have it running till everything is stripped from the plant. Keep in mind stone im not using traditional butane cans and I need a twist on granted I can probably rig something up.
@stone I don’t feel like you’re ripping me a new one it’s constructive criticism help me improve my product and my safety. The only things I have had access to with out having to go on line, is the glass dicks which I dispise because most of them are an inch and half in diameter or more. Less surface are means your buds are more likely to get soaked and you’ll less likely get dry spots in your run when the diameter is a finger thick. Another thing please elaborate on your cryro bath is acetone better to use since it cheaper or is it better to use as the acetone will get colder. I’m going with the ladder and assuming cuz it’s cheaper and probably gets to the same temp as using alcohol(I’m pretty sure dry ice has a temp of -70 Celsius)

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you want “excellent” not “fair”. unless you want plastic in the meds you’re huffing.

have you had it tested for plastic monomers even once in those ten years?

you’re absolutely free to huff whatever you see fit.
I make meds for sick people, not to make people sick…

Edit: can you tell me what the monomers are and why you might want to avoid them?


If your tane is cold it may cause the pvc to become brittle and shatter.
Here are some nice charts.
Not to mention the glues that can leach.
You’d be better off with cast iron pipe from the hardware store.
When you say build do you want to weld the entire thing or buy components? I can help with both.

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are you using odorized camp stove fuel?


Edit: can you tell me what the odorant is? Why it’s there? Why you don’t want it in your meds?

Sox I don’t mind building/wielding that is what I prefer so if you want to help set me in the right directions on parts and meterials needed to make an Ss column or a closed loop. I don’t want to be using pvc but I am using it for the time being to keep up my regiment. My plan is to make enough for my closed loop and start doing my extracts that way. I have a friend up north who can get my stuff lab tested, I plan on testing a pvc run and the closed loop stuff to see how much solvent I have left in my product and to see if there are impurities.

Everyone that’s chiming in on pvc leaching into final product, before I made my dewaxing tube last night I’d winterize using alcohol and freezing it. To my understanding pvc doesn’t dissolve in alcohol and should precipitate out and get caught in the filters. I understand the amount leaching off can be to small to see, but they’re should be some kind of indication of pvc caught in the filter if it is dissolving it

It sure looked like it. You guys already said enough. Ive seen people with pvc air lines in there auto body shop blow and hurt some people in the past.

O.P> This is really a safety hazard. I really hope you listen to all the really smart people here. They will get you on the right path.

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Cycle yes it has a slight sweet smell to it. Normally use Newport butane. I decided to give this stuff a try when I saw it was a propane/butane mix. Now if you can point
Me in the right direction of getting a propane/butane mix with no odor I’ll order that. This was my second time using this propane/butane mix and this was more so a test to see how much better it is having a 70/30 ratio of butane and propane. I more so wanted to try it because the propane pulls more Terps out that you normally don’t get with butane.

gang members get a discount here…


@cyclopath you made my day with your last post that’s where I was planning on getting my system from I had no idea this website gets the luxury of receiving a discount too.

gang membership isn’t free, but it does have it’s advantages…

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Dm me an we can talk about fabrication, it’s not too hard of you have the equipment. The terpenes in marajuana are solvents too, they can interact with pvc too.
Here is a chart of chemical compatibility


@soxhlet So I’ve heard that it can become brittle and cold that’s why I went with the black pvc pipe it’a at least twice as thick and can with stand more pressure than the traditional white pvc. I don’t use glue on any parts that’ll come in contact with the solvent. I use mostly plumbing tape to get everything tight and secured. I use the glue around the seems on the outside on the lets that don’t need to come off. Anyone have any idea if it still can pull the glue in if it was only used on the outside.
Also thank you I completely forget that terpenes act as a solvent too.
I want to try using Limonene as a solvent for extraction one day in the near future
These are your “legos” if you will.