Centrifuge w fritted filter

I want to refine my diamonds and sugar mechanically via centrifuge.

Anybody got any idea how I can modify my panda to do this safely?


make a foam insert that securely holds your vials.

balance it well.

test it

test it

test it


Spin it.


You can buy the same one ypsioil is selling on Amazon for half the price, just gotta source those eppendorf tubes with the frit in the middle, I’ve got some hemp sauce that I’d love to give this treatment but I’m waiting for more feedback on this system before pulling the trigger

They told me I would need to cut the bottom off to retrieve the terps so the vials would also be single use. Also I think those tubes are plastic?

Edit: looks like they have updated the website and they are in fact single use if you plan on retrieving the terps, seems like there would be a better way to do this, hopefully in glass

this what you’re looking for @Apothecary36?



these are 0.2um, but I recall them down to 330daltons

edit: no, it’s not. neither is the panda.


I’ve got a ghetto fabulous solution on the way

Panda, triclamp parts and foam


The scale for the price is going to be freaking insane.

Let’s hope I dont have a steel reducer go flying across the room at 3200 rpm

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Maybe pass those designs by an engineer who signs an NDA?


If you’re using 50ml disposable tubes, you should use a machine designed to swing them.
https://www.ebay.com/itm/Electric-Benchtop-Centrifuge-Lab-Practice-LD-3-4000rpm-6-50ml-Centrifuges-USA/112963774204? Will work.

Or https://www.ebay.com/itm/Jouan-C412-Counter-Top-Centrifuge-C-4-12/254048919912? with the right buckets and inserts.

if you need to swing more than a dozen of them at a time, then I would look at ditching the consumables.

Has anyone used the ypsoil unit? How long do you guys run it to get good separation?

Has anyone taken this to the next level and tried to separate the liquid portion with a much higher speed centrifuge?

I call it the dreidel


Note to self: try 4" reducers instead of 6"
Rolling the dice for science, I’m going to retry this with a proper setup soon


Dont mind the jesus walkers :rofl: @Chonksi
@Rowan is my panda balanced bro? Lol


That’s terrifying a


Its actually secure but still quite terrifying


How are even alive right now brother?

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I live dangerously


Okay so it seems like there are 3 settings on the panda not just on/ off.

If you turn it on and then turn the handle halfway toward the off position, the panda will spin slower and you can get a balanced rotation before going into the full rpm


Only problem I see is that you aren’t getting the gravity pulling in the downward direction you desire—at least not to the full extent. The downward motion is caused by the angled walls of the cone.

If you could get it spinning at an angle it would be much more effective. Then you’d need a counter balance.

EDIT: A fully refurbished Beckman Coulter Avanti J-20 can be purchased for less than $10k. Worth looking into if you’re settling on centrifugation as your primary filtration method.

Oh, and it spins up to 20,000 rp
Oh, AND it cools down to -10C


this whole set up costed me $200 :rofl:
I dont have 10k for a fuge at the moment but I appreciate the reference