Centrifuge w fritted filter

TBH I’m just as impressed with the home-engineering as I am with the size of your solid gold gonads dude.

I’d have been crying in the corner


Thanks! Haha It’s not as sketch in person trust me. The panda stops easily with some force or with the handle. The steel is secure by the drain valve and the foam… somehow


Did you have any luck sourcing these through thermo-fisher or Thomas sci?

If this tech is anything like their cart shooter, it’s definitely just off-the-shelf repurposed for cannabis.

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I got mine for $40.

Turns out it doesn’t cool :cry:

The vac pump works…


You used keif and added 10% pentane for nucleation then evaporated the pentane via vacuum and and weighed out vials and spun for 2 hours? I want to know the process lol

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Holy fuck.tell me what is going on here

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So did it work???

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Speaking of using centrifuge… how do people separate Terps from they bho runs using benchtop centrifuge? I’ve heard of some people using it… not sure how the whole process would turn out. What product would work best for the separation and how good is the Terps from when things get finished?

They use tubes with a frit. There is at least one thread on the subject. Turns out it’s not this one :slight_smile:


This tech is amazing. Didn’t get a pic of how green the sugar was, has a blowout and the kief just wrecked the color.

Bought the centrifuge stuff, thinking it wouldn’t work as advertised, worked EXACTLY as advertised. Holy shit.


Now how do you get the bottom layer out? Do you have to cut the tubes?

There’s a link in this thread to an amazon page that sells these exact ones, the small tube perfectly fits in the larger one and is able to be removed without cutting, just twists out and can be re-used

Nice ! Which centrifuge did you end up getting? How many grams does each tube hold?

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Generic amazon one, they’re literally all the same, it just spins…tubes are universal.

Tubes held roughly 22g of that green sugar

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Do you have a link to the tubes?

Edit: here it is for anyone who wants it. $5.60/tube.
Greiner Bio-One 227290P Polypropylene Leucosep Tube with Porous Barrier, Conical Bottom, Sterile, Un-Filled, 50 mL Capacity (Pack of 25) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01HK1JBRE/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_tfY2Eb2GXZGZY




Only 1.80 a tube

The ones you listed have to be cut to be drained


Those don’t appear to come with the filtering membrane per the description. The smaller tested tube has slits in it, and a membrane would need to be placed on it. Is there a separate membrane that can be purchased?

Maybe I’m missing something. Can anyone who had ordered them confirm?

I can confirm, I’ve bought these specifically and so have many other members. I have a bag of them right now


Can confirm