Why winterize?

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Never Done a Winterization before, Is it suggested to mix etho and freeze inside a seperatory funnel? Im Interested in understanding how one goes about separating the different layers of of the final solution.

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No sep funnel! Just a stainless steel pot and filtration!

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check out the various threads on winterization here, or @cyclopath will getcha. :laughing:

i wouldnt freeze it in a sep funnel. those things are kinda fragile, and it isnt so much about separating two immiscible liquids.

  1. hot ethanol can completely dissolve any co2, ethanol, or bho extract. it is critical to be able to completely dissolve your crude material.
  2. once completely dissolved, you throw it into a freezer in a stainless steel pot like cdplchem suggests, or a plastic jug. as the solution cools, the solvent (ethanol) loses its ability to dissolve those waxes, and they “crash” out of solution, becoming solid.
  3. its time to filter. take your now cold cloudy solution and filter it, all while keeping the whole thing cold. theres various ways to filter. a lotta people just use buchner funnels, with a filter flask, and a vacuum pump.
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my tek will help you retain them as you are washing buds like you would rso with the pre-winterized emulsified bho mixture. Basically you’re-introducing your original terps. Just remember the buds can not be post extracted, they must be the same strain as you used to extract with for high terpenes. Then winterize and 5 micron filter twice and evap Or so I’ve experienced.

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For what it’s worth, Cu, Zn, and Mn all also have antimicrobial properties and are also essential micronutrients

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good shit dude Besides the sep funnel being sorta fragile is there any issue with freezing inside their? from my perspective i can build a sep funnel with SS and a needle valve

thats all good, are you trying to winterize and then drop your liquids out via needle valve? ive not filtered in this style, i dont imagine itll be the fastest method in the world.

The thing is though the Terpenes are originally extracted from the BHO. And I understand that Terpenes disolved in Ethanol form an Azeotrope (I’m not a scientist I am quoting what I’ve read).

So once the Ethanol is purged the bound Terpenes will go with it. Not 100% of them but enough.

I open air purge my stuff. I notice that once the Terps start going the weight drops become drastic and shit starts converting to CBN.

I’ve been thinking about this all day. Adding a little bit of bud to the unfiltered solution. I’m wondering if the bud you rewash lets go of the more volatile Terpenes into the Ethanol there-by increasing the contend and saturating the ethanol. So when you evaporate you will lose the Terpenes but be left with a lot because of the re-introduction.

Again, not Scientist; I like weed.


I can help you with winterizing that mother liquor using butane.

Big spoon


The new future4200 spoon


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Go through this and clean your thca from the mother liquor.

Take the mother liquor and put it in a large mason jar and fill with butane to the top-ish.

This is also very unorthodox.

And place it in an extremely cold freezer -70/80 range. And let it winterize for the night, or longer if you care. Have another jar of the same size in the freezer, as well. Keep it closed, I feel that shouldn’t have to be said , but worse things have happened under more instruction. When you are comfortable with how long you have had it in the freezer, take the jars and transfer the full one into the empty one. Don’t do this with a room temp jar. And pour it as carefully as you can, as to not disturb the mess that’s at the bottom of the jar. If you can pour as much as possible, set the now full jar aside. If you want to get the last of the 1st jar, refill it with butane after the jar has come to room temperature and then put it in the freezer again. And repeat. Then let the butane evap and then process them as you would then mix back in with the thca


If you’re dewaxing, you’ve already pulled a majority of lipids from the solution (assuming you’re dewaxing at cold enough temps).

If you want to know what kind of lipid content is in your extract, add it to ethanol at 5:1 or 10:1 and cool to -80C.

If there’s precipitate floating around (it’ll look like little white blobs) then there’s still lipids left in the extract.

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If it was done with butane, there’s fats. If you use the mother liquor with very little cannabinoids in comparison to the native solution. Along with freezing to -80c. You’ll see plenty of precipitation.

And how cold is it getting during extraction, @sean_rhombus?


Not with my Tek
You lose terps yes, always with purging etoh I get that but when there’s MORE TERPS there it’s harder for it to pull them out.
My Tek gives you more terps by adding back the original terps from fresh buds of the same strain you extracted.

If you tried it you’d notice something.

Lol I remember your Tek

That’s the intention :grin:

Entirely different solvents…strangely enough they have different affinities for fats and waxes…

One of my very first threads. Omg I sounded so newb. Washing Cannabis With Emulsified Hydrocarbon Mixture


late response man sorry, not sure on exact temp but my solvent tank sits on dry ice and runs through an injection coil, no jackets on the columns but i do freeze them overnight in a chest freezer after i pack em,