If I Decarb under Vacuum, would I avoid Oxidation?

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Now yall can see the effects of the misinformation. He says hemp terps don’t exist. He says c8 is the end all for vapes and better than d8. He thinks trulieves d8 is different from shady sams d8 when they are both conversions with unknowns

that covers the “don’t get your advise from reddit”, but doesn’t give @lexiiii121 any more clue which carts to purchase from @cart.farm to deal with their oil.

I’ve tagged you into threads to get them that info twice now…

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Oh true, we talked about it in the ceramic cart thread. He is looking for “iCell +” To make his thicc concentrates wick. Wolks might work, but iCell + will definitely work. Next week we will start samples for “gCell +” to cart thicc oils in glass


Cyclo ty so much for using gender neutral pronouns! Really picked up my mood for the day.

And yes I still don’t know which carts to buy. I was offered samples but they never got back to me and I am waiting to make a purchase.


I never really got any solid info though. I was waiting for someone to get back to me regarding some samples but never happened. However I abstained from the temptation to rebuy SPRK carts. They don’t work for oils - end of story.

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Its time for some solid info then:

“refining“ resin

  1. Take your resin to be refined and spin off your terps. Store the terps in a freezer
  1. Winterize your waxolate by disolving 10:1 ethanol:waxolate, freezing the tincture, and cold filtering fats

  2. Purge and decarb the thca tincture

  3. Reintroduce and homogenize

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Oh that part I know - I already go through those steps but I don’t use any high end equipment. Just Winterizing in Ethanol and filtering after 24 hours with a 0.22u filter. I purge and thin film until my vac pump gets here then it will still be thin film just not as thin.

What I need are carts that can handle a Decarbed Winterized Oil with Hemp Derived Terpenes reintroduced and infused via light heat. Inlet sizes are a big deal apparently hence why the SPRK carts just could not handle this level of disco shit.

the color is 100% oxygen in your blend. most of the people you will see in here have access to the equipment necessary to make high-end carts. Most of us use distillate and conversions since these are processed to the maximum. The end-users perception of quality is only what their senses tell them. Once you hit 80% thc in a cartridge, quality differences are seen only in color, clarity, smell and taste.

Color: Decarbing thca under inert atmosphere. Distilling terpenes.
Clarity: Degumming, dewaxing
Smell: Strain choice, timing when adding terps while mixing
Taste: Strain choice, low lipid content

Tell me more about Terpene timing in the mixing.

Unfortunately I can’t run Distillate just yet. I need to firstly learn how to use the various bits of equipment that go with the setup. After that it should be a breeze. I found a nice 250ml distillate glass kit from a site and a vac pump and what-not is easily obtained. Yes, I know if I learn distillation I will end up with fairly decent carts.

But, today, I wish to Master shatter carts and more after that. It’s all in the craft. You know what I mean :slight_smile:

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SPD can be a bit of a red herring to quality carts. There’s a lot of info floating around recently about how to decarb BHO without doing a world of hurt to the terps. Inert gas environment is an easy first step. Pressure, maybe less so. Separating the THCa and decarbing it separately is more labor but a little less equipment and probably better result than pressure decarb. Distillation has its place but it is not a requirement for high quality carts


While your 90c oil blend is mixing, you drop your room temperature terps in near the homogenizer probe. The less time they are on the surface of the blend, the less time they have to evaporate.

For shatter carts, may I ask what amounts you are decarbing?

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Separating the THCa from the Terps and Decarbing is a brilliant idea that I’d love to try. Makes sense in theory.

So with Shatter carts there is no way to get them as terpy as one wants but I am not trying to make the impossible. Just want to finalize these carts and fact is, my last run was more than adequate in terms of color and flavor. The decarb on low temps worked. I didn’t lose the light transparency I originally had.

So pumping in gasses and what-not I am reserving for when I get a larger working area and when I get the equipment. Other than that I am not averse to employing these methods.

My Shatter carts are at a level where the weakest link is now the hardware. Extracting, refining, purging… all easy done backyard style. Is it efficient and utilizing the maximum potential - fuck no. But did I learn a thing or two by monitoring the entire process? Fuck yeah I did.

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This is the magic question. Readers, please contribute:

I am so sorry for not including this. Full disclosure, Hobbyist purging no more than 100ml of Winterized solution, working with only a maximum 5g of Winterized product on a good day. Max Biomass 28g per run.

Personal use runs. All particularly small but big in terms of personal use quantities. Working with Puretane and Everclear.

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So, IME the discoloration from decarb can be almost entirely eliminated with an inert environment. It just takes some patience. You need to adequately purge the environment and then also give the oxygen dissolved in the oil time to outgas, then purge again and so on.

Unfortunately, keeping the terps from running off is more challenging. Supposedly a reflux condenser can help but I’ve not really tried it. With the trouble I’ve had with catching decarb terps in a -40c cold trap, I imagine it takes a little bit of design/effort. A sealed vessel that doesn’t let anything out solves the problem but that can be quite a bit of pressure and is generally not hobbyist friendly.

I will also mention that if you pretend your oil will catch fire if it sees O2 (sparge properly, eliminate leaks, and equilibrate for an unnecessary amount of time), the cold trap terps from decarb can be fire AF and water clear. Unfortunately we probably lost 50% of them out the pump last run so I’m still working on the method lol

Edit: what is your current decarb setup?

Haha… my current setup is not a setup. Heating plate and non-stick container. It takes me a long time to decarb because I step the heat up gradually looking for the lightest decarb possible. It gets the oil flowy enough with the extra terpenes added so I don’t move past that point. I don’t feel it needs full decarb anyway - I’ve been pulling mine away before waiting for that last set of bubbles to pop. You get to retain some natural terpenes in it that way or so I believe based on what my senses tell me, which can be wrong. I mean, you retain what you retain - the process itself is a terpene destroyer so it’s not a dramatic effect, it just ensures the oil won’t taste like burnt arse hairs.

I’m not a Science person. I’m not really part of that world. But I always did wonder what would happen if I were to burn off the Oxygen in a closed container with a flame to void the container of oxygen, then proceeded to lightly decarb.

Please keep in mind that I am trying to do things in the most backyard way possible.

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My favorite game is “how do I make something really good with very little?”. My first question is can you get access to some sort of inert gas? Argon or CO2 welding gas? N2 for beer kegs? Its the first step above just roasting the stuff on a stove.

If not you might look into all the diamond tek to separate the THCa which is fairly backyard friendly (although most would cringe at turning diamonds back into “hot dog water”

Also, if you add extra terps, definitely do that after the oil cools from decarb

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I am sure I can get access to those gasses - they shouldn’t be difficult to obtain. I also have a stainless steel vacuum chamber with gauge on the lid.

I would prefer decarbing with an inert Gas than going Diamonds. Going the Diamond route then decarbing the THCa while isolated seems to me like it would work but I would be killing Diamonds and extending the time needed to an amount I would consider unrealistic turnaround for this kind of product.

Shit I’d dab the diamonds before I had a chance to even look at the vac chamber.

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