If I Decarb under Vacuum, would I avoid Oxidation?

My goals with the product are to maintain color profile and fight to retain as many terpenes as possible. However un-decarbed oil hardens in the cart. The product is a BHO Winterized in Food Grade Ethanol.

I notice when Decarbing the extract I lose the color profile and I get a bit of a shift in the taste. Is the color change Oxidation? If so can I avoid this by decarbing under pressure? Or, is there a way to avoid decarbing all together? That would most certainly help me maintain the color and taste of the cart.

We use similar input with no decarb. Never had a issue with it hardening. Winterize filter scrub filter and heat and fill pretty much.

I apologize in advance I’m just a home user using easy Tek to get their own supply. Things are still hush hush here. What is Scrub Filtering and how does it help?

I don’t understand what I’m doing wrong. Once I peel the shatter off the mat and divide for carts and heat, I mix some Terps in. And still, these bubbles either don’t move or don’t show. Then you get one of those element-burn-only hits. Yuk.

Put 10-1 ethanol mix in freezer for a couple days then filter fats waxed off with a simple coffee filter. Put that on a magnet stirrer until alcohol is gone add terps and stir more. Use syringe to inject in to a cart that’s the basic home tek.

Oh lol. Ok so that’s what I’m doing. I do a Blast then Ethanol in freezer. Filter through 0.22u syringe filter because only working with around 100ml of Ethanol. I purge the bulk of that and the rest. Long and short, I end up with a nice Shatter.

I heat that up, 4% Botanical Terpenes (Not for long, proper ones on the way), heat and mix then load. I let it wick. First and second hit is okay. Too thick to move, won’t bubble. Bad experience.

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Take that shatter then put it in ethanol and witerize then filter. And use a good cart.i can make a good shatter cart with no terps added that burns great to the end with ascent ceramic carts

You forgot the decarb step.


I keep losing color and taste as well as a change to effect when I’m decarbing. I was hoping that decarb under vac pressure might limit those adverse effects I was experiencing.


Another option is to change the weaponry you’re using to huff that shit…

@qma; what you got for insight here?


I don’t decarb. Just time in roto to recover alcohol. I would think it gets decarb when the cart is fired. All I know is they are full spectrum and get me stoned!

Have you tested it? Either it’s decarbed or there’s something that shouldn’t be in there keeping it liquid. THCA is just going to crystallize.

It’s not a matter of decarbing when you hit the cart… it’s so it doesn’t turn to concrete

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You lose taste during decarb because at the temps it takes to decarb, terpenes will break down or evaporate out of the mixture. Therefore, decarbing under vacuum will only serve to further reduce the terpene content in your final oil because vacuums lower the boiling points of items inside, which means your terpenes will start evaporating out at a lower temp (ie sooner in the decarb process) and faster than they would at atmospheric pressures.

Best way to decarb theoretically would be inside a container that has been pressurized with an inert gas such as nitrogen. Sealed container, so no terpenes will evaporate and be lost to the atmosphere and no oxygen present to oxidize the terpenes that will be swirling around in a vapor form. Once decarb is complete, let it cool down to recondense the terpenes then you are good to go. Although there will still be some thermal degradation of the terpenes I think this would keep the oil as close to the pre-decarb profile as possible. Just spitballing though.


u can definitely make it bubble under vac at lower temps…I can take jar off the hot plate of sugar or shatter I’m I’m decarbing and stick it in the vac chamber and it makes it bubble like crazy. I’m assuming that’s the decarb step

Maybe one hour in roto at 180f is doing it but started with a mag stirrer long time ago and still never had a problem. Not tested just for personal use. !
Starting slab and finished cart

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Ahh! I can achieve THAT color, if not a touch lighter, in a ceramic cart. But, viscosity. I love what you’ve made!

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are you using cards with four 2mm intakes?

certainly decarbing some of it at that temp.

I would check that out for residual solvent… only time I’ve seen a slab stay liquid like that without a real decarb it was just runny from ethanol. What’s the consistency of the slab? Pull and snap?

Bho extract
60 hours or so in vacuum oven
Witerized in 99.9 ipa

Shatter has no solvent in it

I have left in oven at 150 for a week before and same consistency

I have consumed up to 1000 within the family and no complaints