centrifuge filter bags


Looking for comments from cyclopath regular on felt filter bags for centrifuges: what type of material is filtered through these bags and what is the source of the bags?


Not sure but industrial filtersocks
Are cheap 5$ reusable and made from polypropyleen and are available till 0.5 micron
And hold 4 pounds easy and closed with a tyrip


I just ordered some of this (in 1 micron size) to make my own:

Can report back in a month or so to say how it went, if I remember.


1um? As a closed bag?

You can get ethanol out of a 1um bag, but I’m not sure it goes in very well.

Especially at maple syrup viscosity.

Currently testing & iterating. Looks like I might be doing the sewing on the next batch.


What size do you use?


Not worried about maple syrup viscosity for this system… But if you have recommendations I’d happily pick up another length of cloth. Would 5/10/25um be a better choice perhaps?


We use 220 micron then post filter in line with 50 micron, staging the filtration facilitates flow thru a whole run


I can confirm that the Polyester Felt bags in a panda is the bees knees.
I bought 100, 50, 10, and 0.5 micron sizes and double stitched bags for each size.
I place all the micron sizes inside and use all of them at the same time. 100->50->10->0.5
It filters about a gallon per minute or more.
Ive liked it so much that im now experimenting with using powders inside the bags, so the solution is being cleaned at the same time its being filtered.
But 0.5 micron is no problem with the other sizes before it.
There are two sides to the felt, one side is smooth and the other is “hairy”. Use the smooth side towards the inside to make cleaning easier but if u dont plan on cleaning it, the “hairy” side catches more before clogging.
Ive ran about 30 gallons of alcohol extract through it and havent noticed any lagging from clogging


Are you putting biomass in these bags or just filtering the ethanol in them?

Also when you stich them up are you adding a zipper to them? Trying to wrap my head around how you would seal the bags after stitching them together or if it’s even needed. I was recently thinking of this same idea but was unsure if the alcohol would come out the top of the unsealed bag from the centrifugal force of the panda spinning.

Last but not least do you have a good source for this material you would recommend?


Did you get any positive results with adding powder? How do you put it inside so that the powder stays on the side of the bag and not only on the bottom?


I have two pandas, one for biomass after ethanol extraction that uses a 200 micron bag, none of the bags are closed off at the top its just a cyilnder with one side closed off at the bottom.
On the filtering one, Alcohol does start to spray out the top if u pour the alcohol against the top inside of the basket. I pour so it lands on the middle about 1/2 way between the middle and edge and it doesnt seem to be an issue for me.

The powders will go through the first couple of bags but doesnt go past the 0.5 micron much that i can tell. Just mix the powder in with ur first wash and it will be spread evenly when u do ur first filtering. Havent done side by sides on the same batch yet to see if it does anything, i dont think its gonna do anything crazy cuz my ethanol is around -60C when im filtering and the resinonce time is very very short. Im trying a mix of AC, T5 Clay and cheap fryer magsil powder. 1:5:5 ratio for the powders and about 1:20 ratio of powder to initial ethanol soak.

I ordered the same felt that is listed above from dudadiesel, they have all the size u need. I got 1 yard x 72" of each and had enough to make 4 for each size with alittle extra left over. The dimensions of the cylinder is 9.5" diameter x 13" length. Which is about 31" x 13" rectangles and 10" circle to account for the stitching area. My aunt did the stitching for me and used a sowing machine, the 0.5 micron was the only difficult one for her because its slightly slippery from the ptfe coating
Traded her vape carts for stitching time👌



@Thetetraguy Tricks off the trade tread whorty :+1::+1:


I got this idea from u on that exact post :grin:
Cheapest-best upgrade a small lab can make hands down :call_me_hand:


What panda are you guys using ? I got the small one and it lasted 2 days before alcohol found its way into the motor and leaked out the bottom.

Looking at buying a hobart now but its $$$


Im using these ones

Panda 3200 rpm Portable Spin Dryer 110V/22lbs Stainless Steel SP22


yeah that’s the one I had, RIP panda I know you have gone to a better place.


Like a liner for the panda


the hobart does not spin fast enough.

check the Washing Machine "Salad Spinner" tek thread


Did you remove the top of the panda to add ethanol while it’s spinning or do you simply pour a set ammount, close the lid and then turn it on?