What ratio do I use to stop cbd crystallization?

I have searched around for an answer to my question but it seems I can’t find the answer.

I have some THCa Diamonds, 86% hemp distillate, some terpenes, terpene dillutent, and some high quality carts.

I would like to combine the diamonds and the distillate without having to use the terpenes or dillutent and put it in a cart. I know I will need to heat up the mixture in order to melt the diamonds and to make the mixture homogeneous; however, I don’t know what ratio to make the mixture to be in order for it to not crystalize in the cart after it’s heated/mixed.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

you need to get the hemp distillate down below 60% cbd


I assume that’s not an easy task if you don’t have the appropriate equipment.

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Melt diamonds, add CBD disty to thin some, a couple drops terps to flavor load enjoy


Mixing cannabinoids is easy. Math and speed.


You will wanna decarb those diamonds first

Then you choose your desired ratio and solve for cbd

And then mix


What exactly did you ask? (Just curious…)

The math you need is available in What is the ratio for 2:1

That “below 60%” is sprayed all over the place (future4200.com/search?q=cbd+crystallize).

Your exact ratio depends on your desired goal. Heavy on CBD vs THC, or even.

Edit: this for instance came up in that search above…

Nevermind: @qma has an entire cutlery drawer on the subject


The question wasn’t asked directly in my first post. The question I’m trying to find the answer to is what ratio do I need to combine the diamonds and distillate so as to prevent crystalization from occurring.

It seems I just may have to experiment with the ratios.

And thank you for the help.

Which bit?


In the second post!!

And I gave you the link to the math…


I never said it wasn’t. You asked a very specific question which I have you an answer.

As you wish

This should have read:

“I never said it wasn’t. You asked a very specific
question for which I had given you an answer.”

Your answer doesn’t explain why you would need to “experiment” if you recognize that the answer to “how do I stop it crystallizing” is “below 60%”.

Unless it is the math of taking 86% and 99+ and getting 60:40 that is the problem.

So it’s linked.

Is the math the bit you suggested was hard?!?

That is certainly how it reads in response to


Follow @qma’s link.

Everything you need is there. And beautifully laid out too.


Any idea why I would ask this?

Hint: you’re not the only one who searched and missed today. I’m trying to make everyone’s odds better. Was trying to improve @tenhemp’s answer. Can’t come close to @qma’s response.

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More than likely because I didn’t actually ask a question in the first post.

Actually, I don’t know that you did.

The only question I asked in my first response was what you typed in the search bar that failed…

And I still don’t know that…


Wow this is going nowhere.

You are making this conversation painful. After this post I’m done replying. You can have the last word as it seems that’s the only reason why you’re replying to my comments. There certainly hasn’t been anything of value it this thread by going back and forth about a question I simply forgot to ask.

Holy shit this is crazy…

I think they are saying you didn’t use the search bar that well bc this has been covered multiple times.

Then he was pointing out the answer to the one question you had was answered immediately. Which was about how to keep CBD from Crystal, which is keep under 60% so simple math would help


He means you should have searched first.

crystal resistant distillate

we all want to avoid saying it directly because it is cursed. many good souls have perished on that trail :cry:

Anyway, Isolate is easier because then you will have a constant variable. Distillate will change by the batch. Same reasoning behind why you are utilizing diamonds instead of distillate.

You can add in the minors once you have a good ratio of thc:cbd by acquiring product called mother liquor.