Can you add cbd distillate to thc distillate?

Hi :wave: looking for input on whether or not you could add CBD distillate to THC distillate to get a different cbd:thc ratio? Thanks!

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Yes, with up to 60% cbd, maybe even more with all the minors


i do this myself in a few products i have formulated … examples:
90% THC w/ 90% CBD 1:1
90% THC w/ 55% CBD Blend 2:1

i believe most methods will work but the above 2 i have used many times
awhile ago i was making carts for a client and they wanted bits of cbd in there thc carts so we opted to take a 90% THC dist and mix with a ISO CBD blend …
500g ISO CBD mixed with 500ml Cutting Agent
we were making carts 1ml with this ratio
70% THC dist
20% CBD blend
10% Terps

these carts worked amazing and tasted great … super thick and clear
tested out around
600-650mg THC
90-100mg CBD