What ratio do I use to stop cbd crystallization?

Be prepared for the diamonds to take a freakishly long time to melt down. No idea why but isolated THCa takes an eternity to completely decarb. Not like shatter or waxes. I strongly suggest doing your decarb in a mason jar then putting the lid on and leaving it at room temp for a few days to make sure it doesn’t crystallize again. Between that and the cbd you’re going to have a lot of crystallization issues to watch out for

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If he fully decarbs the stones, just wait for the bubbles to stop. Don’t cut it 50% w CBD do like 20%/ max. It should turn out quiet nice. Add CBD at about 150-170f. Decarb stones at about 212-250f just wait for bubbles to stop

I’ve decarbed washed diamonds quiet a few times and turned out great.

I’m not going to be doing this on a large scale. I only have a gram of the diamonds to work with and plan on making one .5ml cart for to start with. I will be using hemp distillate and about 150mg of diamonds. That tiny amount of diamonds should melt down relatively fast.

I was hoping to make a mixture with a higher ratio of CBD as I don’t do well with high doses of THC.

Edit: Changed the 50ml to .5ml.


That’s 50 vape carts in one. I think your terms are wrong

At that scale it may be easier to weigh your diamonds before decarb…

Theory says THCa => thc = 0.877 of original mass.

So (0.877 x) 150mg diamonds to (0.86 x) 150mg cbd distillate is gonna be pretty damn close to 1:1 (or 50:50) which should absolutely not crystallize on you.

Given your preference for CDB dominant, you might want to push that closer to 60:40.

Above that you’re absolutely correct…

If you come back with your findings, we all win.

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Sounds like you need to design and carry out an experiment.


I finally made the carts.

.5ml CBD distillate + 500mg of diamonds + .1ml terpenes


Did they start crystallizing?

Nope. Not at all.

They shouldnt at 50%

The hemp distillate was around 86% total cannabinoids

Your carts are around 50% based on the recipe you followed…

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50% total cannabinoids?

How is that possible if the 500mgs of diamonds was/is almost pure THCa/D9 THC

At 50% CBD (or below) it should not crystallize

You have confirmed this for yourself experimentally. By making carts where the ratio of your cannabinoids is 1:1 (or 50:50).

You are correct that they are not quite 50% CBD. I would put them closer to 43% given the 86% CBD you cut 1:1

Are we on the same page?!?

Edit: Whoops. You also added 10% (!?!) “terpenes”.

Which brings you down to just below 40% CBD

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I combined 50% cbd and 50% cbg isolate and it crystallized, so i dont think the 60% cbd rule works for all mixtures.
Ive combined 50/50 thc and cbd before and it didnt crystallize

Are you sure it was the CBD that crystallized?

I haven’t gotten to play with any cbg biomass, but my understanding is that cbg is very easy to crystallize

Edit: Chances are both Cannabinoids did, as once the CBG starts dropping out, the %CBD goes up…

Im not sure, but it for sure wouldnt work for carts.
Its completly solid, it breaks off in chunks.
If 50% of it crystallized (cbg) and the cbd didnt, wouldnt it be kinda slushy like?

Edit. Oh that makes sense, the cbg crashing out would bring the cbd percentage really quick

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Yeah, as I processed the CBG dropping out, it became apparent that the CBD would follow…and they would likely take turns till mostly solid…

Edit: discussion continued over here: What ratio do I use to stop CBG crystallization?

I am talking total Cannabinoids, not just CBD. Or should I not worry about anything other than the CBD…as that’s what it seems like since you haven’t acknowledged my comment about the diamonds.