What is the best column filter design after Ethanol?

I have a buckner funnel set up with filter paper but it’s taking forever when you have larger quantities. I was wondering what you guys have out there for a filtration column system? Does it needs to go through three or four different types? I would like to design something and have it made new to this I don’t know much about nitrogen system all that any ideas?


Imitate a Panda with a sock in it at whatever scale suits.

Search for @Roguelab’s implementation.


read this thread, what is your processing scale?


Hack - use a puck of glass wool on your filter surface and it will roll right through with near zero issues till the end.


160 micron bubble bag with biomass
45 micron bubble bag

Buchner funnel with fritted disc
Celite bed to capture any fines


When you refer to Etoh are you referring to the Etoh Pro?

I have always liked pulling vac on a vac flask and pulling the solution through https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07LCKBKCT/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_Z5fgFb2VB8BWF those water filters. I would stage them 100-25-1 micron or something like that. Ghetto and probably not the best but it works for under $500 everythang including a pump


I can buchner filter 30 gallons of etoh in 30 mins. I use a 3000ml buchner funnel mayyed to a 5000ml flask. Using a welch wobl at -25hg.

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Etoh pro= a product https://www.extractcraft.com/shop/etoh-pro?_vsrefdom=adwords

etoh= ethyl alcohol, or ethanol

I dont think I have ever mentioned that product before…or used it…


What volume of product are you trying to filter and over what period of time? Thanks, Greg

Pressure is your friend


Well I a gallon at a time. This is Paul winterization the product I’m getting has been very dark lately so as for filtration I would like it to come out light everybody wants blonde products now.

My Buettner funnel is 250 mL.

At that scale and with your goal, I suggest this thread:

If you need anything regarding how one can modify this process to speed it up, let me know, and remember that if you are trying to get that beautiful golden extract (without distilling), the filtration is going to be slow and the extraction should be done as cold as possible.

I have also found that with this process in particular, pushing works way better than pulling. Nitrogen for the win, all day long!

Edit: I also second what @ky_cbd said about graduating your filtration. It is necessary to maximize speed and prevent fouling/blinding of your filters. Super important not to jump straight from extraction to one’s smallest desired pores size.


Get a larger one

Actually I went from 3x 600ml buchner matted to a 3x 2000ml flask to a 3000ml buchner matted to a 5000ml flask.


My friend I cannot even find that equipment in Canada here

I’m partial to spools, filter plates, and kegs. These should be readily available in Canada.


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Yeah you could use nitrogen and push at a good psi. If you use a dewaxing column and niteogen with ethanol I’m sure you get great results. I’ve used my diaphragm pumps positive pressure side at 20 psi max with a 5um filter on the vacuum side so I was using technically filtered air to filter it.

My stack went 150um 150um 5um 5um 3um came out pretty yellow. When I used media it came out water clear.

A gallon took around two-four hours and using a dewaxing column it took like six hours.

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Is there a point of too much filtration though at what point do you stop where you’re losing THC,CBD? What micron do you actually want to go down to?