Water treatment

Hello guys we are in Spain about to upgrade our solventless lab and currently thinking about the water use, how do you guys deal with all the water “waste”? I’m thinking about putting all the already used water on a tank and doing reverse osmosis to reuse to avoid big expenses and as well as an environmental measure.

I just have something small to ask. Are you just a lab or are you vertically integrated with a grow?

I might be showing my age, but water from solventless hash making is one of the best free terpene and trichome taste and aroma builders available to use when feeding your garden.


Actually no we are based in different locations

reverse osmosis to “reclaim” your water?

as in using water to wash your water?

won’t that just use four times as much water?!?

do you have the solar to evaporate it?
either for cooling or to distill it?


I have brewed teas before with waste water and biomass the plants love it. Makes the the whole process not as wasteful !


No I mean to filter the already used water to reuse it

Yeah sounds lovely but we’re not based in the same location as the grow op

Do you know how reverse osmosis works?!?

You might want to investigate…

There are ways to increase that efficiency slightly.


1:1 or 2:1 waste ratio is more realistic. 4:1 is super inefficient. Not sure what you mean by washing with water. If the only source of water was the used water it would separate usable water from it resulting in wasting less water not wasting more.

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You’re right: “Using water to wash water” is a factually inaccurate description of the process…although it seems pretty apt when watching the permeate and waste streams from a lab scale RO system hooked up to city water.

More water going down the drain than into tank.

4:1 is from domestic systems, there are published studies showing even lower efficiency in real world installations. i pulled that number from memory, probably from 25 years back when I characterized the process as “washing water with water” for one of my lab assistants once upon a time.

Commercial plants running at 600-1200psi can do considerably better.

I’m still not clear that it’s the correct solution for bubble hash waste water. At best it can return 1/2 of the water for reuse.

A solar still seems like more fun

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Oh I got you now lol washing water with water is essentially what you’re doing if you look at it like that.

I agree, I don’t think a regular RO system would be the appropriate filtration for bubble hash water. That system is going to get dirty real fast lol

I’d go with an evolution RO. It does 1000 gallons a day.

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You can feed your wastewater from the r.o. through a second membrane and you up your efficiency a lot. About 1 clean to 1.5 waste depending upon tds and pressure.

Has anyone ever had any issues with these, I got one brand new and with the output valve closed the water will still be running out the waste line.
I called hydrologic and they just said are you sure you put the filters in correct but I took it apart twice and it all looks good. If I can’t figure it out tomorrow I’m going to request a rma.
Edit, I’m an idiot and I think I might of figured it out, I’m going to check when I get to the shop in the morning.