Water soluble cannabinoids without nanoemulsions or encapsulation

This is my first post on here. I’ve been reading for a couple years but I just made an account today. I hope it’s in the right category. Anyways, I recently became the exclusive distributor in North America for this amazing solution. Forget about nanormulsions and encapsulation. Forget about expensive equipment that essentially will only be used for these processes. I have a solution that will make most cannabinoids water soluble. It will not work with CBG. For THC(any type, except THC-A), CBD, and CBN it works perfectly. It will only hold 5% cannabinoids to maintain water solubility. You could put in as much as you want, but it loses its solubility in water above 6%. At 5%, you will be able to have 50,000mg of cannabinoids per Liter of my solution. That breaks down obviously to 50mg/ml. I run a cannabis company in Montana and I sell this solution in 2ml dropper tip bottles under the name Angel Drops(when you put the drops into water, the Ouzo effect looks like angel wings). Each drop has 2-2.5mg so people can dose themselves to their personal preference and they can put the drops in anything. Another downline product I make with the Angel Drops is freezer pops. We call them Angel Juice Pops 10mg each and they can be frozen or you can just cut the top and drink it. One of my partners here in Montana makes 10mg sparkling waters with my Angel Solution. We are limited here to 10mg per serving with a maximum of 100mg per package in Edibles. I know y’all don’t know me on here yet but this is truly a revolutionary product. Frankly, I’ve never seen anything like it in my 20+ years in the cannabis industry across Colorado, California, and Washington before settling in Montana. I’m open to discussion about it but I can’t divulge any proprietary info about the solution itself. I can completely discuss everything downline after the solution. The only equipment you need is a magnetic heated stirrer and a 2000ml beaker. I sell Angel Solution by the liter with an MOQ of 10 liters and you get all of my SOP’s with that. My Angel Drops are 2ml bottles, with no more than 100mg, that we sell in our dispensaries for $30. I can get 500 bottles of Angel Drops out of 1 liter. That’s $15,000 off of just 1L. My Angel Juice Pops are sold individually for $4, they have 10mg. You can make 5,000 pops out of 1L. That’s $20,000 off of 1L. We have to have everything tested before we can put it out. So I have test results I would be willing to share to prove my numbers.


Are you using this as a broad term to describe the appearance, or are you using anise oil as your carrier? And as you describe in your post, it is used the same way to make micro emulsion without having expensive equipment and remain surfactant-free, ya? With most states flipping over to recreational and dosing sizes being so small, 10mg is really easy to hide in a drink or drink mix, too.

Nice write up and introduction to the forum. Pleasure to have you here.


I’ve read so many of your posts/comments over the last couple years. It’s an honor for you to respond @Dred_pirate

Yea the Ouzo effect is the easiest way for me to describe what it looks like. No anise.

So the Angel Drops is still a solution and anything you make with Angel Drops becomes an emulsion. It’s a proprietary phase-transfer technology, little different from conventional surfactants.

You’re right, you can pretty much hide 10mg in any type of edible. In personal R&D, you can put 1ml of Angel Drops (50mg THC) into a 500 ml bottle of water with a slight aftertaste but when you go over 1ml it becomes bitter tasting. That’s just plain water though. In a 20oz Body Armor I put 3ml(150mg THC) and you couldn’t taste it as you drink it but quite an aftertaste. Because of the solution’s delivery method, it hits you in about 30mins. It’s pretty amazing


Pssssst. Send Dred a sample😏

Have ever tried it in a gummy?


@Hudini I’d be happy to sample your product… id be willing to share my lab testing with the community…
This product could turn our current gummy SOP into another DIY recipe, for the forum…


It works perfectly for gummies. If you’re already working with an existing recipe, then you would just emulsify this solution into the water portion before you mix everything together.

If you melt gummies down, then you would just add the solution directly to the gloop. It needs to be mixed well for even coverage.

It works better, with more consistent results, if you’re making the gummies from scratch, because the solution is already emulsified in the water.

Wow, @MillerliteRN. More Future4200 royalty. Now I just need @cyclopath and I’ll really feel special.

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There are no royals on this Forum… ONLY JESTERS…
Seriously send me a sample… I’ll mix it to your directions, wait 5 min and sample 1cc after 5 minutes and send it of for testing…


The THC Angel Drops are made with distillate. The CBD are made with isolate. The Angel Juice Pops are made with THC Angel Drops.

Edit: further correspondence with developer…It is NOT a standard solution of cannabinoids in ethanol. See below.
For SNEDDS as well.

However, ternary phase “louche” phenomena may exist…
Or colloidal forms…see descriptions below.


These products have already been tested by an independent 3rd party testing lab. As required by the State of Montana. I posted my labels so you can see the results. I have to be honest, I’m a touch apprehensive to send samples out to the forum with some of the most hardcore chemists in the business. I have an NDA with a section on Copying, Modifying, Reverse Engineering, and Decompiling. That would need to be in place before I could send samples to anyone. This product is indeed proprietary and very exclusive. What state are you in @MillerliteRN?


Thought about your posts on this! Seems to be the same idea.

Not exactly, we make RSO with ethanol. After winterizing, filtering, decarbing, and devolatizing, we use the RSO to make distillate. Then I mix the distillate into my propietary solution to make Angel Drops. The original extraction is with ethanol, that’s why it is on my label

I’ll clarify… we dont need your product personally… it has the POTENTIAL to help the DIY forum guy to make our gummies… without all of our expensive toys…


I’m not trying to do you bro… I have more than I can handle now…lol

I actually think your full of it… so send me a sample,!


Very doable. (Variations galore)
Wishing you commercial success.

“For THC(any type, except THC-A), CBD, and CBN it works perfectly.”….get a pH meter…

It’s all good brother. I’m not trying to make waves here. I completely respect your opinion. I’ve read many of your posts/comments. I know you have the respect of the forum and if you signed off everybody would instantly know it’s legit.

I’m from Texas too. My 20+ years of experience wasn’t always at state licensed facilities, you feel me😉. I understand completely about not believing shit people tell me without me seeing it for myself. This opportunity with this solution just kinda landed in my lap. I signed an NDA and got some samples. Then I got more excited than, maybe, I ever have been in this industry when I saw it work for myself. Now we’ve done over $100k in sales of just the solution in the last 2 months in 4 states. We’re one of only two dispensaries in the whole state that makes water soluble THC products. The other dispensary buys the Angel Solution from me. Our dispensary in Bozeman went from 60-70 customers per day to over 100 overnight as soon as the product went live on our Leafly menu. Then in the last 3 weeks I have gotten our Angel products into 17 dispensaries(they only can sell our branded products). Things are going pretty good in this camp right now.

So…while you signing off on this product would only increase it’s marketability, I also don’t NEED it either… I just want to let everyone I can know about this product because it truly is a game changer, especially if you’re trying to get into beverage production

I truly appreciate your feedback @MillerliteRN

And whats the price per Liter?

Once you’ve made your water soluble cannabinoids, is the final product shelf stable? If so, for how long? And have you had the particle size measured?

You mean it doesn’t work with certain cannabinoids. I take it that you can’t use it with Full Spectrum then?

Newbie here, so sorry if these questions seem stupid.


Just to let you know, whatever method you’ve found to do this, no patent or NDA is gonna protect you. Someone else WILL find this method - probably on their own accord, not even trying to copy you.

I have already seen plenty of nano emulsion and water soluble cannabinoids.

I dont understand how your products are any different?


Even here in the UK these products are readily available. This post really confuses me - how is this different from the existing nano emulsions and water soluble cannabinoids?

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where’s a picture of the finished product with the labels?