VTA SOP, you guys asked for it so here it is.


VKS cannabis SOP.pdf (35.6 KB)

You guys asked for it so here it is. Im in the process of making a GLG wiped film SOP, ill have that done soon. I find it interesting how they say to winterize lol I personally like 8:1 even with hexane crude which can have up to 30% fats and lipids if its warm extracted. I ALWAYS decarb/deterp up to 150 c untill all the bubbles are gone, whether its under VAC or on a hot plate with an overhead stirrer. The terpene strip pass parameters really matter, if you get too deep on vac youll start pulling Cannabinoids (with my SOP I have to bleed vac on the terpene strip with no diffusion on or this happens so be sure to stay within 3.5x10-1 to 7x10-1 Mbar on your vac guage) I personally always run my wiper at full speed, the faster it runs the better seperation you get (more rotations = longer travel), Ill turn down the feed rate if the vac level gets too low never the wiper blade speed. I also only run my diffusion pump on second pass. Hope you guys enjoy.

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Is diffusion pump sessescsry? I’m planning on running two Alcatel 2021i in parallel


Diff pump is highly recommended. The benefit of the diff pump is its high Thruput capacity at low pressures.


A difussion pump is 10x better then dual pumps. If you actually setup vacuums like youre supposed to you do difussion first (just leave it off for first pass and youre fine) then a rotary vane after. 2 rotary vanes in a row isnt efficient. It gives you a little better vac yes but a diffusion pump will do way more.



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Can´t you remove all the ethanol and decarb in the rotovap?

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Yes, this is why i said under vac or on a hotplate


Just scored a used Edwards diff pump on eBay- there’s a few left if y’all are lookin


If you don’t mind me asking, how much did you get that diff for? I’m about to go search Ebay right now lol


Asking price was 490 I offered 390-
Got it for 420 - shipped.

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Edwards diffstack 63/150m - there’s another on there that’s cheaper but it’s missing the handle and I think maybe a valve not sure- the other one that the seller is offering is still listed for $350- would be super easy to get it back in shape tho- get the square warranty and after a month send it in to them to be rebuilt :+1::relieved::smirk:


Thats a steal


I run the VTA myself and fuk 4:1 so much sludge


Fuk dat

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One of our VTA operators asked about the feed rate. The VTA feed only goes up to 100 Hz. They never run above 30-35 Hz b/c they say their vacuum drops.



Are you deterping up to 150c on a hot plate or in a roto then doing a terpene strip pass? Or just 1 pass? If youre not stripping terpes first thats why

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No they’re stripping at 150 degrees C for 8 hours. Two passes.


What are the temps on the passes?

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Almost identical to yours, but let me really reply for sure on Monday.


Please do, LMK your extraction method and any post processing you do before you put it though the wiped film also.

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