very clear bho shatter (Definitely scammed) !!Warning to all hash lovers and makers!!


I truly love you guys. Like I haven’t even been here.a year and already I stumble upon a “I’ve been scammed post”, that turned into wait… Is it possible. Then it takes no time at all for a tek to become open source (as it should) because we’re all mad men with a thriving passion for making really good concentrates using various methods and I love it.


I’m glad to see how much u guys are learning in the process


Thanks to @Soxhlet and @Indofab The whole community is gonna be showing off clear tek. LMAO.


Congratulations you guys are knocking on the door! However I never tried magisil and that’s a lot of t5.isnt that taking the Terps and flavor away?..I’m sure u guys will dial in the rest very soon :slight_smile:


Thanks, v2 is going to be even better!



Hey, you know I think i got it! :+1: My method
is about the same as far as total reduction of color. Our method may be a little different than yours, but the effectiveness is on par! plus we can do it inline with our extractor, that makes it easy all in one pass.These are all paths that lead to the same concusion.


Hahahahahahhahaha. A nice Dick


Is dewaxing necessary for your method, or can it just be “scrubbed”


Lets be nice!


I was. I’m just laughing cause it’s funny.


I lol from that too!


Well if there was less fats/lipids/etc present…then ur adsorbent of choice would be able to target what ur trying to pull more efficiently


Thank you. That’s exactly what I was looking for


I plan to run it after my dewaxer.


I may utilize both methods. I highly doubt that I will be allowed to dewax each run




The right stuff in the right place will do it


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Geez my kid knew that in 4th grade. We’re off on a tangent.

This is the distraction @Dred_pirate. We’re too close. Now he’s spitting out math order of operations.