very clear bho shatter (Definitely scammed) !!Warning to all hash lovers and makers!!


you guys are definitely close…I mean look at what u can do to mediocre trim already


It’s not a distraction I’m helping you understand what is going on in the filtration


It’s a joke bro. I’m only playing around. I guess the sarcasm doesn’t work well over the net.

Sorry @Waxplug1. I know your here to help. Sucks your tek will be all over the net but hey you were an innovator.


I got more projects for yall this ain’t it lol…pemdas


I want everybody to make clear so we can move on to the next…but I want u guys to break it down here because maybe there’s a better way


Well as stated theres several ways to skin a cat, however theres only a few ways to do it and be able to use the hide.


I just like to eat the pussy


Cat. The cat, I don’t want the hide.




Well said


Wrong cat, some cats have expensive hides, some techniques of removal would ruin them, heck even an experienced taxidermist could ruin it doing it properly, now for a regular house cat, do as you please. I appreciate the humor though.


So pemdas …dewax then scrub… order counts…


What else can u do besides dewax?


I was starting to get lil sideways at ya bro but now ur starting to look alright!


what was your saturation rate of butane to oil? did you chill your butane/oil solution before filtering?


Didn’t happen… There’s more to figure out here… tried twice with different material and different celite thicknesses and different carbon mixes. It may have helped but in no means was it clear


I think t5 and celite545 are the two needed… a/c dosent seen to do much…


Next stack will be t5 bentonite and celite underneath…


dude have you seen @Soxhlet progress on this in the other thread. Sox is knocking on the door homie.


Lol no I’m reading now… this thread blew up the last week