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Never said you couldn’t, a 12" spool, and filter plate and lid are gonna cost $$ regardless, more surface area will probably be best for this application, that’s why I linked the ExD buchner its 12"
I was considering doing it inside the dewaxer I have which is 6".






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I have a few 3" x 12"spools with stacks and hardware to connect with. I think I’m going to try it with those and stop with a 1 micron filter

I’m going to find some T5, too.


03_030730e_Soluble Kollidon grades.pdf (662.8 KB)
Does anyone know what range the molecules we’re trying to remove best fits into?
I’m trying to figure out if I should try using the Kollidon 12 or the kollidon 30.


Damn good read here guys! Been doing a little research myself, but I think I might be behind the curve already lol

It’s important to remember he clearly stated he doesn’t utilize celite anymore. EDIT: He literally said the opposite to this statement. My bad.

I think really the pvpp keeps screaming to get a test run, heavy on the pvpp to really strip those colors(and unfortunately flavors likely alongside).

I had been briefly looking at Kieselsol and Chitosan, but have been distracted lately with personal matters. Hope I didn’t miss something in my catch up read and end up being an echo lol

Edit: A thought just occurred… On the matter of what this thread started as… If someone added too much of some of these products, which some almost appear to be additives not just filtering agents… Could we end up with something like what @Tom had some 500+ replies ago?


I believe he is using celite still, I don’t know if it’s doing anything in particular besides filtering, even though it is an absorbant, too. He’s not using carbon anymore. And ya the pvpp could filter too much, I think he did mention something like that, too. It takes out a little bit of flavor. But flavenoids don’t necessarily mean they need to be in there, either. If you scratch the stem of the plant it’ll smell like the flower, ya?


If this cheat sheet was already posted, I’ll delete it, I couldn’t see it in the thread tho


Here is a pic a run with our old tech on the right and a run with our new tech on the left


Here is what live resin looks like with our new tech


Very nice, sir. Very nice. I’ll introduce my version, soon enough


Thanks for sharing!


Would love to know more about what you did to achieve the clarity, looks amazing!


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Don’t worry we’re not far behind now!!!

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