very clear bho shatter (Definitely scammed) !!Warning to all hash lovers and makers!!


Ill give it a go on monday, ill let you know how it comes out.


Oh… So, now he’s becoming a believer.




Hold your horses im still not a believer, I haven’t tried any of this for myself yet.


@Dred_pirate I was looking into gum arabic too and I was wondering if you thought of a way we might get the gum arabic to react in butane?
From what I’ve read the gum Arabic reacts with polyphenol color compounds but it dissolves in water.


I’m wondering the same thing. He does say it works better when he stalls it and chills it. It may be the pvpp that’s being utilized, and the gum and when filtered through “absorbants” it is filtered then?


Or he’s dewaxing and filtering through pvpp, t5(maybe) and celite. Which at that time the “absorbants” take out any other “undesirables”.


Now, what type of piss yellow are we talking? Definitely not the one where you’ve had a pot of coffee and a soda for hydration and it’s weirdly cloudy


uric acid crystals homie!


ASH-PC8091_PVP_Brochure_VF.pdf (3.5 MB)

This pdf has a lot of information on the different types of pvp polymers, but I screenshot what I thought was interesting and that’s the fact th pvpp is insoluble in heptane.
Its seeming like more and more of a viable option.


Note that pvp and pvpp are two different substances…


What I posted deals with PVP polymers, just to clear up any confusion.
But what I posted about is for winemaking and it is used as a stabilizing agent.


So, what you’re saying is, not enough coffee?


That’s what he uses said he totally sees how it would work for concentrates

Pvp is water soluble, pvpp is not


That might be the one, the website makes it sound legit


42$ a kilo


3lb $50

I already ordered some


Why not just get spools and add filters?


Going to try that too


Me on the left…students on the right