very clear bho shatter (Definitely scammed) !!Warning to all hash lovers and makers!!


i just grabbed some shatter and am quite intrigued at how clear it is

was wondering if anyone has seen anything like this and how it’s created



Most likely harvested early. From what I remember reading about. Nice light color. How is it?


Kinda looks like an isolate converted into shatter to me. Maybe using a method similar to what’s mentioned here:


Did it have test results attached?


no test results i got it from a friend of a friend


I once made a clear shatter like that from fully mature nugs. When I did it, it was a seriously heavy propane run because I ran out of butane.

I ran 60/40 and I crazy high solvent to material as this was in my sample extractor. When I ran the bulk of it in my large extractor with only butane the color came out no where as clear as the sample I ran. I have yet to make it again.

I don’t have the final pics but it came out very similar to the pictures you posted.



That’s amazing!¡


i just got home and first thing i did was decarb it, it did decarb kind of normal bigger bubbles followed by small then nothing. I noticed little change in color or smell, very weird, i took 2 grams of decarbed oil and put it into a 10ml ethanol solution i then tossed it in the freezer and within 30 minutes here is the result.

there is some sort of foul play i dabbed it and i did get high but the high was short lived. Will be dropping it at the lab first thing tomorrow and getting my money back until test clears.


I know this tek very well


Nothing wrong with it’s just scrubbed properly


So you winterized, carbon scrubbed and purged to make shatter that crystal clear? That’s awesome


What does it smell like


it has a fake terp smell, even after decarbing it there is no hashy smell at all usually BHO will turn black and lose most terps after a really hot decarb IME

edit I just had an employee smell it and they said it smells like petroleum jelly


No carbon


They probably added terpenes to it…how does it taste?


CBD isolate doesn’t decarb since it’s already decarbed


this did decarb, i decarbed an ounce of it it was big bubbles then small then flat

this is the result of the winterization, the thicker one is 1:5 and the thinner is 1:10 ethanol

it seems like the patty is all waxes


There are a few slabs floating around instagram like this, I’ve read rumors of them being candle wax to melted down synthetic thca that popped up online. Fake terp smell, waxy texture, and short high are also described by people getting slabs that look like what you’ve got.


im pretty sure its exactly this