very clear bho shatter (Definitely scammed) !!Warning to all hash lovers and makers!!


My Avatar is washed crystals decarbed under vac… So yeah unless was maybe cold crash?

Did u get tested

OMG after seeing candle wax post wtf!!!


it can be a pentane or hexane wash and winteriazation. i know that Oregon genetics does something very similar thats why all hes shatter is always light colored. check out @O.G.cannabis on IG.


How many people here remember red rock opium that was really piano wax from the early 90s.


It was actually frankenscence

I remember buying and smoking some. Had a very distinct floral notes.


i got my money back I purchased 2 pounds of this


Wow. I wonder how it was cut to come out still 27% cannabinoids.

Glad you were able to get your money back. Are you willing to out the producer so others won’t make the same mistake??


all the info i have, from california


looks like black market stuff?


Mendo breathe! Lol


Thanks for the heads up @Tom!

Was the lab able to guess at what the rest of it was??


Dragons blood incense


I have had similar results when I have run material that has been prematurely cut due to extremely loose bud structure, and long flowering times. Material wasn’t cut due to “problems” this material was cut because the extra 5 weeks of grow time as we had found out it was a 13 week flowering strain and we cut down at 8. This I believe was due to the premature nature of the trichome structure as they hadn’t fully matured as the trichome heads were not milky in anyway they had an extreme cIarity upon arrival at processing facility and were run after being hung dry for a few days. I generally prefer to run a 70/30 blend ntane/propane blend when making shatter which generally leads to a lighter color than a typical ntane only run.


your slabs came in below 25% THCa?

Or do you mean that not all slabs of this color & consistency are bunk?

ie your’s looked like the slabs @Tom purchased?

harvesting & extracting early can certainly give clear sheets, but I would be very surprised if they produced a cannabinoid profile like the one shown.


Here they say its a single pass extraction
These guys do a killer job



pretty pictures…would love to know the magic involved.
have a couple of guesses.
stating either would violate an NDA :wink:

yeah, that looks like what @Tom thought he was getting.

are you claiming that is 25% THC?

are you suggesting that the lab @Tom send his slab to are wrong?

Or just that not all clear BHO is bunk? (that probably needs said)

Because @Tom did not receive 2lb of

he purchased 2lb of ?!? and we’re trying to figure out the “?!?” or at least warn folks that some of the “clear” slabs are not what they claim to be.


this is what the lab tech had to say with the attached tests

I wanted to let you know that the aerobic plate count on the samples
will come over tomorrow. I wanted to send you the results that were

Three samples were very odd when I extracted them. Decrab WG, Champagne
and White Gold all had a large amount of white precipitate when
extracted in methanol. These three samples also took a very long time
to dissolve. They did not look normal at all. The precipitate tells me
there is some type of contaminate in the sample but I am pretty sure I
am not going to be able to tell you exactly what it is.

Let me know if you have any questions. I will send the bacteria report
over tomorrow.


Yes I definitely should have been more clear, I also didn’t view the posted test results before commenting. The slabs were definitely similar in color, the cannabinoid profile we ended up with wasn’t that low.


Sounds like waxes


That’s exactly what I was scrolling down to determine. Looks like someone took their fats and turned them into a slab. And that OG cannabis guy does have a good cannabinoid percentage. I still think he’s filtering through a media at some point. He may be running through some sort of carbon scrub while getting his solvent to room temp before recovery or before dewax. I don’t think he’s running early material. When he runs for toll he gets similar color. If I figure it out I’ll tell everyone so he isn’t so special.


Haggardextracts also turning out some similar quality stuff claiming not pulled early and can do it with any strain