Vape cartridges

Is there any specific syringe anybody suggests to use for filling vape cartridges?

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Is the got to


I have used this brand of filling solutions for a long while with minimal issues.

EDIT: If you are just doing real small batches, any syringes off amazon with 14-18ga needle tips will work. If you need something that is a little more efficient than that, this is a great step between syringes and auto-fillers ^^


If looking for an automatic system, please consider us! Would love to offer a discount in exchange for honest reviews / feedback from the F4200 community.


What’s one of those go for?

The hand filler is like $200 I think, the air fillers start at $800.

Google cartridge filling gun. It’s a syringe gun with adjustable settings for different volumes. I filled thousands of carts and it was very accurate. It had a heated sleeve also to keep oil warm.

Do you have a video of them working?

50 shot is not accurate at all, and it is plastic


I just checked their website looks like they don’t have the hand filler listed anymore. I unfortunately don’t own an air filler either, so I can’t take a video of that only the handheld that I have with me. I’ll take a video either later or tomorrow. I don’t really have anything to fill right on me.

look at Thompson and Duke




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What stage are you at? A filler like the one @qma offers will work great for you if you’re doing larger runs

But if you’re cash strapped, just starting out, and/or doing really small runs (<50ish) a glass syringe like this will work best if you’re filling .5ml cartridges:

If you’re doing 1ml carts you can bump up to the 5ml or higher, but the higher you go, the less precise your fills are going to be

Cash strapped cart farmer


Depends on one’s definition of “cash strapped” I guess. Also how many carts is important. That’s a $200+ difference for only a few seconds saved if you’re only filling 5-10 carts.

Is precision important to you? The filler cost less than a year of glg :wink:


I get you’re trying to sell a product, but let’s be real. Your product (a repeating 2ml syringe) is not that much more precise than a manually filled 3ml syringe, if at all. While your product is better for larger runs and “repeatability”, OP asking about syringes implies smaller runs. And the smaller you go, using your machine might actually cost more time when you factor in cleanup. So for a $200+ difference a small manual filled glass syringe is a better choice if he’s only doing a few at a time, ESPECIALLY if he’s cash strapped. If money isn’t a thing, he’s doing 25-50+ carts at a time, or if he wants to get something that will scale with his business as it grows, that’s where the edge starts to shift to your product.

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Clean up for the cart farmer goes as follows. Pour small amount everclear in back. Squirt it out in 5.5sec. one more time now… Cleaned

It’s definitely more accurate. Also I don’t have to go back at all.

I can see the argument for both.

But once you start doing that 20-50 a lot your gonna go through some syringes. An expendable you’ll never stop buying while hand syringe filling.

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Completely agree it doesn’t scale. At this point the debate is over the best method for those starting at the very bottom. The cart farmer, thompson duke, etc area all vastly superior for any type of scaled production. But a single glass luer lock syringe should last indefinitely, and at least long enough to scale to the the next step if you are starting very low. Again, it really just depends on OP’s starting point which hasn’t been specified yet