Cart.Farm cartridge filling solutions. The best filler out

Here is a consolidated post of my products, and where to find them:

Cart Farmer 50: <<<π’·π“Šπ“Ž 𝒽𝑒𝓇𝑒<<< (In action)

  1. 50 mililiter heated res
  2. precision german made autodraw syringe
  3. compact and handheld

Cart Farmer 250:<<<π’·π“Šπ“Ž 𝒽𝑒𝓇𝑒<<< (In action)

  1. quarter liter heated res
  2. 1.5 foot heated line
  3. precision german made autodraw syringe

Cart Farmer 1000:<<<π’·π“Šπ“Ž 𝒽𝑒𝓇𝑒<<< (In action)

  1. 1 liter heated res
  2. 1.5 foot heated line
  3. precision german made autodraw syringe

Next I will be doing an edibles/tincture/topicals large syringe and then a semi and fully automatic system. Have a nice day.


Pictures look beautiful! This is a man who cleans under his fingernails


Lmfaooooo thank you


fuck I wish I was still doing carts this thing looks beast. The ability to do 1.1, 1.2, 0.9 etc is so huge.

Some carts take more than others and some customers like to pay less than others so a 0.95 would help me sleep better at night on a 1000 cart order


I am making one for edibles next



Says heat pads are still OOS on your shop pham

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The 50 ml fillers are out of stock

No THANK YOU for finally having these up again. I’m grabbing mine this week!

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NO! Say it ain’t so.

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Yeah, I will not go

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That’s funny Bc I referenced a Weezer song then you referenced a Blink song. :ok_hand:t3::ok_hand:t3:


Any chance you’ve tried getting a syringe filter rigged up on one of those? If it’s warm enough and higher micron I’m sure it’d still flow just fine.

Not yet. What sizes would you like to see?

For this you’d have to use like 1.0 ΞΌm or else it’ll clog up/blow out with thick oil but it might not be a bad thing to be able to add on since a lot of people are filling carts without a fume hood so they could be getting dust in their jar. Also seems to make the oil glisten a little more just by filtering it that last bit. Could see people liking that add on and you can get PES ones for $1 each

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Only PTFE can be used with heat and terps. The ones that aren’t stainless can’t seem to take heat (low working temps) and the stainless ones are almost 100 dollars

Polyethersulfone is a thermoplastic so it would not be an issue. It has fairly good chemical resistance to common essential oils at 100% so 5% terpenes does not seem problematic but that I do not know for certain.

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Ok guys! I have 50 ml shooters back in stock! These work with 50 shot heaters!!!

All reservoirs have debris screens now! Avoid ending up on the blacklist like the worm guys in New Jersey!!!


Backwards compatible


Hey hey how much to upgrade for a debris screen

Nice, I’ll be getting one of these soon
Good work