Turning THC & CBD Water Soluble


Rotor/stator homogenizer. This was about 20 seconds on a 1000 ml sample. We will be running experiments next week using an inline r/s homogenzier, I should have the full report available end of next week.


Are you useing a carrier oil as well?


Yes. Any beverage base will need a carrier oil. There’s an article upthread on this. What I am up against is the need to have a completely “clean label” Organic, non-gmo, all natural etc. It would be so much easier with polysorbates and brominated vegetable oil.


Ive played with the polysorbates, they don’t work as well as you’d think. Plus they taste like a pencil shavings! Quillaga, sold as Q-naturelle was what I settled on.


I’ve been messing around with some Q-Naturale too, but I’m not the biggest fan of the taste it adds to things, its better than a polysorbate though i guess.


don’t tell me how to live *chops rail of DMSO


I can confirm that by using by using MCT, glycerol monosterate, gum acacia and polysorbate 80 you can use a Polytron homgenizer to create an emulsion that is translucent and when added to water as a beverage base, the water remains clear. I was planning to use the Q Naturale quillaja extract, but it has gone missing from my lab. Hopefully nobody is trying to get high with it. I need to refine the formula and bump up the CBD until the breaking point. Stay tuned…


This is the soluble CBD in a prototype beverage base. Notice the purple color. This is from the aqueous phase having water soluble blue food coloring and the lipid phase having red food color. This sample has been sitting 24 hrs. The smaller bottle on the left is distilled water with an eye dropper of base. It has passed the initial “ring test”

This 125 ml sample has 37.5 mg of CBD. It’s hard to judge turbidity due to the colorants, but would be satisfactory for anything other than “enhanced water” type products.

More next week…


Look into the p450 enzyme. Doesn’t process well with people on medications that can’t be taken with grapefruit.



Clean Label CBD in water emulsion

Polytron PT 10-35 GT Homogenizer
Near monodisperse emulsion, 1 micron particle size


Ethanol? Care to share how you did this?


I will have a more complete write up once I am done with my experiments. This sample is only 1% CBD. I will be running 5% later today. [Redacted due to possible patents issues]. I am using a Polytron homogenizer with a 20 mm probe at 30,000 rpm, and then an ultrafine probe at 12,000 rpm.


5% processed as well as the 1%. As the mixture was thicker due to 5x the quantity of gum, it heated up faster from the shear forces. [Redacted due to potential patent issues] The mixture is also pasteurized at this point as well. Now comes the hard part…waiting to see if it passes the shelf life test.


Is there any remaining ETOH in the final mix?


I am sending samples out for analysis. I may be limited in how much more I can share on this project. Will advise.


I have been advised that I may be posting ideas that have already been patented. The USPTO has issued some very broad patents in the cannabis field. For example, dissolving CBD in ETOH and adding it to vodka is protected by US Patent 10,085,965


Sick patents galore keep up the good work


Great results Sheerguy. How long have you let the emulsions stand at room temp to test for creaming and separation? What are you using for a preservative? The preservative is proving to be my biggest hurdle right now. Clean labelnis also my requirement. I was hooing that the claimed anti bacterial effects of CBD and Quillaja wwould be enough but after 2 months I’m showing black spots of growth on the glass around the top of the emulsion.

Research claims that without a preservative any water containing emulsion will last max 5 days in the fridge.


I am not seeing any creaming. Nor any ringing. 1 week and counting. The process I use heats the sample into the pasteurization range, so it could conceivably be bottled hot and have an extended shelf life.