Turning THC & CBD Water Soluble


Is anyone using filtration for sterilization? Is anyone mixing the CBD into ethanol, doing the sonication blending with the surfactants, filtering and then using a rotovap to remove the ethanol?


One thing to consider is that ALL of your encapsulated CBD must be smaller that the filter pore size or you will be filtering it out, along with any pathogens. Do you have access to a particle size analyzer? You would need to look at the particle size distribution.


We would be doing it either with a microscope or would have it analyzed by a different lab. We certainly are keeping that in mind.


This is an interesting idea. Care to discuss more? How often to degum…


I would advise sending it out. However, if at 1000x magnification you don’t see any particles, you can assume that they are all below 250 nm, which is the smallest size an optical microscope can discern, for the same reason these emulsions are clear, the particles being smaller than the wavelengths of visible light.


There is absolutely no shortages of bogus information when it comes to health claims. I personally believe it is a big mistake to label or otherwise advertise health benefits of any kind. It just invites in government regulation but worse it is bloody hard to know just how this medicine impacts a large group of folks just for a baseline of how the medicine impacts you. Worst case scenario of course is if you advertise life saving benefits then answer the door at 3 am explaining that a patient took the information and used it in a way that harms them.

The legitimate desire to help others and educate them along with a perception that health claims sell products (it does) make it easy to want to advertise this way but health claims by other than doctors is a perilous route for marketting.


There is a world of difference between the regulation of a “dietary supplement” versus a drug. When you make claims about bioavailability and absorption through a buccal membrane, i.e. under the tongue you run the real risk of no longer being a dietary supplement, which are supposed to be absorbed through the alimentary canal, i.e. ingested.


I have read now through this thread about three times and am curious if any one has any “flavor house” suggestions once a stable emulsion/encapsulation has been achieved. I am in the early stages of determining my carrier oil and surfactants, but am worried about possible bitterness in a finished good. Any ideas or suggestions would be great.

@Shearguy thanks for sharing, this is a time consuming and has caused me many headaches in the last two months of trial and error. I feel like I have read more patents now then I ever did while in college.

And thank you to everyone else in the community!