Turning THC & CBD Water Soluble

I’m trying to make tinctures for my friends and family.

I currently have isolate and distillate

I keep getting different answers. Glycerin, liposomes, detergents, solvents and Curcumin.

I do not want to put any BS in there and want to be as natural as possible.

Appreciate the input.



I have found success in making simple water soluble cannabinoid mixes without the use of any expensive equipment or reagents. The process of nano-encapsulation is widely used to create stable emulsions of lipophilic compounds in aqueous solutions. It also helps with bio-availability and homogeneity in infused products.

The key to making cannabinoids water soluble is determining the right surfactants (emulsifiers) to use for your specific product. The surfactant selected depends on the Required HLB (Hydrophilic-lipophilic balance) value of your carrier oil. Once you determine that value you will need to find a surfactant or more likely a mix of surfactants to match that required HLB value. You will then need to experiment to determine the right amount of surfactant to use in the carrier oil mixture.

Here is a great introduction to the HLB system that I found very helpful in my formulations.
The HLB System.pdf (2.8 MB)
You can find the Required HLB of common carrier oils here:
Required_HLB_for_Oils_and_Lipids.pdf (13.1 KB)
And Finally a very useful list of HLB values of common surfactants:
Emulsifiers_HLB_Values.pdf (14.8 KB)


Awesome will read into it tonight! Always appreciate the help


Happy to help!

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KSLabs has the right approach. But if you want to look at some patents, you can be steered in a few directions, as you mentioned.

Liposomal emulsions always seemed like the best approach to me, but I remember playing around with some cyclodextrins, as per some pharmeceutical formulations. Those might be along the lines of “BS” you don’t want to put in there.

I wish I had the energy or patience to organize some notes and make proper posts. Sleep doesn’t come by me all that frequently. I’ll just slap a few links below instead, to spark some ideas


Anything helps and I feel you about the sleep lol

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Why do you want it to be water soluable in the first place?

sonication will be ur best friend
cyclodextrin is used in the pharmaceutical industry and has alot of research specifically about thc
bio-compatible surfactants are used too but those are hard to get sometimes.
also check this out


Sonication is great for nano-encapsulation, it helps by reducing particle size and increasing surface area of the micelle for better emulsification. You can achieve translucent and transparent aqueous solutions this way.


it also helps them cross the size threshold where they r less likely to recombined then to split meaning the water and oil doesnt separate over time

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A few of my family members wont smoke or dab it lol I thought it would be easier to get them to use it when its in a dropper

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Be weary of companies advertising it as “more bioavailable” because of the particle size. I think that’s a crock of shit, but who am I? I’ve seen a lot of such talks, with nothing to back it up besides particle size.

It’s just like that damn Kangen water filter everyone was so hyped on.

Anyways, I digress…


Why dont you just dissolve the cbd in an mct oil for a dropper?


I could do that but if you cut it with water it will float to the top

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Any i must assume you cut with water because water is cheaper than an mct oil? I will regurgitate sonication for emulsions in water. Sonicators are relatively cheap and user friendly and pretty fun if you want to build your own! However does not make the subtance more water soluable technically just emulsions so tiny you cannot see them! Nanoparticle chemistry and molecular self assembly is the future!!!


Water soluble CBD will be the “toes in the shallow end of the pool” for sooooo many people who would have never considered or condoned any use of cannabis prior to legality.


Yea, I just want my older family members to be healthy, times sure are changing

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True that. When my aunt went through chemo, I had made mentions of CBD and her sister just looked at me like “I can’t believe you just suggested putting her on illegal drugs; that’s not medicine and it can’t benefit her”…I’m mad gradeful to say she healthy and happy as ever today, regardless!

What’s so nice about CBD though is that she would not have had to alter her medication, chemotherapy, or anything. There really aren’t any negative reactions that I’ve been made aware of.


The only thing negative about CBD is the shitty stuff from China with all the lead in it lol A lot of garbage out there if you’re using CBD make sure you know the source and COA

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That is definitely something I’d like to find more research on. From my own personal experience I’ve definitely noticed a shortened onset time with water soluble THC compared to traditional edibles.