Water soluble THC and CBD thread question

ShearGuy, I read your posts about your experiment with ethanol and gum Arabic to make cannabinoids emulsified in water. Very interesting. When I first read your posts they had more info, but now they have snippets that were redacted. For my personal use, would you mind sharing the un-redacted messages with me? I will keep them to myself and not share them. Thanks man!

Unfortunately we committed to our customer not to share the process. It’s really not that difficult to figure out though.

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Thanks. I’ll check out that patent you referred to. I have an ultrasonic homogenizer with a 15 mm horn (145 µm), 20 mm horn (60 µm), and 25 mm horn (40 µm); figure I’ll give the 20 and then the 15 a shot. I’m planning to buy a high sheer homogenizer soon.

I really want to thank you for sharing so much info. I was thinking about using isolated cbd with gum arabic. I have some TIC GUMS Pre-Hydrated TICorganic Arabic SD I am going to use tomorrow.

I see you use 4:1 CBD distiallate to gum arabic. Would you suggest the same rate for isolated CBD?


Yes, same for extract or isolate.

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Did you have any luck cracking the code? Would love to find a similar recipe. Feel free to DM me.

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