Turning THC & CBD Water Soluble




Mkay im just gunna put this out there. 1 to 5 ratio of MCT oil powder to distillate so 1 gram of distillate 5 grams of mct powder. Then just mash it all together in a mortar and pestle until it is homogeneous. I think degradation is going to be an issue as soon as you mix this with what ever you want to dissolve it into. So keep the powder separate in a sachet or something until its ready to be used. Instant CBD coconut water is the bomb.


So if the MCT/disty powder can’t dissolve in water then what do you do with it? You can’t drink it or snort it I’m guessing…or can you.


It does dissolve in water. Pretty well actually. Let me mix some up here in a bit ill post some pics. The ingredients of the powder I use are: MCT, Maltodextrin, and Sodium Caseinate. So if i had to guess these ingredients aid in the solubility of the whole mixture.


Yeah i’ve never used malto because of health risks associated with frequent consumption, but if you dissolved some into a shot of water and drank it (empty stomach) How fast is the onset, and is it like an edible high (super tired etc…) or like a smoking bud high (preferable) ?


Ah never done it with THC I’m currently in a strictly CBD state right now. But I would assume the effects with THC in this scenario would be similar to an edible just because of how its being consumed. Assuming your using a fully decarbed concentrate.


No need to decarb distillate bro. And I believe its way easier to keep cbd as a stable powder, thc is a tough one. :confused:


I assume you mean emulsified mct oil? not just fractionated.


nope. just cannabinoids in fractionated coconut oil (MCT) at 10-500mg/ml.

it floats, but with milk fats in there, and a wee stir, it’s still a pretty effective mode of administration. the more concentrated your tincture, the less you need, and the better it homogenizes. there are definitely loses to the sides of the cup, I just up the dose slightly to compensate.

at 500mg/ml, you can also use it for vape’ing, although I don’t recommend it. people do look at you funny if you open your vape pen and pour the juice into your latte.


I don’t think this response will be Earth shattering since it appears the interest for most people here is to make the compounds water soluble for oral/nasal/(insert general body orifice)/etc. use.

However, there is a technique that would be viable to make these compounds water soluble. By mixing the compounds in a basic environment (a pH of at least 10.6) they will form their aqueous salt complexes. This would by definition make water soluble extracts. But no one will be drinking that water due to its bacisity.

I’m sure the safest method to “water soluble CBD/THC” is by adding appropriate surfactants and mixing it in a blender (for those of us who can’t afford sonicators). As to what surfactants would be used, I’m not particularly versed in this area of Chemistry.


5ml homogenized agave nectar to 12 oz lemonade is the best i’ve come up with for my lemonades. i’ve pretty much given up as it comes out of solution and needs to be shaken daily to go back in. doesn’t stick to the bottle which is good but it leaves much to be desired for me

edit: i’m doing 200mg per 5ml. or 20g distillate to 500ml agave


Try Cyclodextrin @TheDarkStallion


Sorry I’ve been out if the loop. I have a basic recipe for emulsion. 5% cbd/thc extract, 5% surfectant (suitable HBL value) 5-10% carrier oil, the rest is water. Quillaja Saponin is a bery effective natural surfectant and I just got a kilo so have plenty to sell in at cost if anyone needs. The issue with emulsions is needing preservatives due to water content. Currently researching natural ones. For basic oil meds just use 10% extract and 10% liquid sunflower lecithin in MCT or oilve oil and blend on high for a minute. Making actual oil in water emulsions is turning out to be way harder than i thought. Stick with oil only unless you have or want a basic education in chemistry.


This doesn’t really make sense to me or am i missing something? how does 100mg oil and an equal amount of d-limonene = a tablespoon which is approx 15ml or 15000mg?

Can someone clarify?


Just don’t use too much.

“Quillaja saponin (sapotoxin) is reported to be highly toxic. 3 Severe toxic effects following the ingestion of large doses of the bark include liver damage, gastric pain, diarrhea, hemolysis, respiratory failure, convulsions and coma.”

Dixie Elixirs used to use Quillaja in their drinkables(2014) and many people were getting stomach discomfort. They switched Science Directors, changed formulas, and ended with a better product.


Where is this quote from, I can’t find it online? I researched extensively and Quillaja was consistently recommended as the only natural emulsifier with capabilities that exceed synthetics.

Do you know what Dixie uses now? Synthetics are not acceptable for my products.


“The body systems harmed by beta-cyclodextrin are minimal. Moreover, the potential adverse effects are mostly caused by contact with the chemical. Beta-cyclodextrin particles that come in contact in the eyes may cause irritation. It can also cause skin corrosion or irritation when in contact. If inhaled, its particles may harm the respiratory system as it can be toxic and irritate the respiratory tract. Lastly, in can be harmful to the digestive system if swallowed.”

Hard to make a good judgement call amongst all the info.


Quillaja Saponaria (Soapbark Extract) is an approved ingredient for use in Food and Beverages (GRAS) by the United States FDA under Title 21 CFR 172-510 , FEMA number 2973. It is an approved ingredient for its use in the European Union under code E 999. Current CAS number: 068990-67-0 (Quillaja Saponin)


My quillaja experiments are showing good results. This emulsion will not break. Time lapse video micrograph shows no droplets combining. The beverage base is not yet passing the ring test, but we haven’t applied anywhere close to the maximum amount of shear. And we are planning on weighting the oil with gum Arabic, which should stop the creaming on top. More to follow.


What are you using to shear it?