Turning THC & CBD Water Soluble


you need to work on your google-fu grasshopper.

one way to hone the query you were give would be to hit the video tab.



Hi Meowmix, can you send me a DM with details and prices? Thanks.


I’ve already looked at multiple liposomal vitamin C videos as Shadownaught shared above…So I was not able to yield a water soluble powder, when I sonicated the solutions together and put them into the vac chamber to pull out all the moisture I was left with a really slimy amount of the distillate I put into the batch. I’m trying to find a recipe to yield the powder, ya know?

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The liposomal vitamin C recipe should yield a solution, not a power I believe.

If your looking to create a powder, that is a different process. I believe you can find a link to that patent somewhere on these forums.


So the slimy distillate yield I got from pulling the moisture out of the “vitamin C process” should dissolve in water then?

Yeah I’ve been searching the threads reading anything similar to my inquiry searching, however can not find a link to any process/recipe helping me create this seemingly impossible THC water solubile unfortunately.


I think you want to look around the forums for “maltodextrin”. There is a patent I found once that showed all the ratios of what to add to get certain yields.

I believe, you just need to mix the maltodextrin with cannabis oil with a really good mixer.

EDIT: I found the link pretty early in this thread


I have also read this on here, but when I looked up the “Cyclodextrin’s/maltodextrin” to see what I would be dealing with I was scared away by numerous health risks associated with frequent consumption of said substances, should I be concerned? What are your thoughts on these claims?



I have no idea. I don’t think cannabis is the first industry to use these products.

Have you investigated the “surfactants”? I have been told by a career organic chemist that this is the way to go.


Yes totally have I just don’t have any ratios for the surfactants that are said to work for my inquiry, been trying desperately to reach out to those who may have a recipe/ratio that work.

Heres an idea I just read about, lemme run it past ya! would I be able to successfully dissolve sugar into 95% ever clear, then dissolve my distillate into the sugar/everclaer solution, (disty does indeed dissolve in ever clear lol) then just evaporate off the ever clear?

Seems like worth a shot although you are def more educated to this criteria then I am, and I don’t want to waste more distillate this stuff is the bomb lol.


I am not sure how sugar will make it water soluble.

BUT, I feel like I have read something similar to that a while ago.

Personally, I go through a lot of work to purge solvents, I would hate to have to purge again. But that is me.


In my case the solvent would be the ever clear, why would I have to clean/purge it?

Do you think adding soy lecithin to the sugar/everclear/distillate method would then yield a water soluble powder due to the lecithin?

Good points


can you explain exactly what you want from your meds? what is it that a water soluble powder gives you that you can’t imagine getting any other way?

you can get “water soluble” cannabinoids either by using surfactants, or making a nano emulsion. Using a high shear homogenizer or an ultrasonic horn might not be strictly required, but my understanding is they make the process much easier. pretty sure a dual axis centrifuge will work too.

those three are relatively high cost items for personal use.

maltodextrin is just fine in the quantities you’re looking at ingesting, but alone it will only give a powder that dissolves in water. it will drop the cannabinoids, and they will float to the top of your glass of water.

if however you’re hoping to make coffee, and are willing to use cream, then you’re good. but you could also just use cannabinoids in MCT for that.

cyclodextrins are going to be more expensive than maltodextrin, and you should be able to make a powder than actually carries cannabinoids into solution with them. There is more clinical data on some cyclodextrins than others. I looked at it a little a one point, and was not convinced that they were unequivocally safe.

making a nano-emulsion that you can dilute 10-100x without dropping your cannabinoids is something that seems achievable with the right tooling & ingredients, but drying that emulsion to a powder, and hoping that it will become a nano-emulsion again seems like a long shot to me.


@cyclopath If I’m going to be 100% honest with you man here’s the deal, due to health I can’t smoke anymore and I don’t like the high of edibles I can’t get as stoned as I want because I get way too tired and ALWAYS pass out super early for way to long. I’ve played with dosage no matter what I don’t like the high its too in and out or way too stoned and way too tired, even in the middle I’m way too tired. I’m not stoned like taking a dab (which I occasionally still do even though I shouldn’t). So I’m still trying to enjoy that dab high without smoking. So like smoking, snorting also hits the brain fast and would be my best route for achieving a dab high given my circumstances.

I understand maltodextrin will be the only one that dissolves and not the distillate, that is in water, however would the membranes in my nose be able to absorb the cannabinoids along with the maltodextrin?

Basically I’m looking for a method in which the water soluble THC powder can be absorbed via nasal membranes.


Do this in a rotovap with etoh+cyclodextrin+thc distillate. Evaporate it to a slurry, then pour it out onto a sheet and finish in the vacuum oven, the stuff is like cement and is very hard to remove from a flask. try useing 500ml cyclodextrin, 1iter etoh, and 2-3grams thc distillate. Your sugar will be infused with hash, but getting this to dissolve into water without a surfactant is going to be a hurdle. A water/oil emulsion will be more effective/stable.

read this thread


that was the missing piece. thanks.

I think it’s a long shot.
One that may simply lead to sweet snot :wink:

I don’t think huffing (vaping/smoking) ones meds is a particularly brilliant idea…but it has two primary advantages over edibles. immediacy and ease of titration. the ease of titration is primarily due to the immediacy.

GW Pharmaceuticals chose to go with an oral mucosal spray, and my recollection is they have fairly rapid uptake. I’d have to go read again to be sure.

You might have some success using Emu oil as a carrier and delivering as a nasal spray. I don’t know how a nanoemulsion behaves across mucous membranes, but suspect that you’d have much better bio-availability with the nanoemulsion than a maltodextrin based preparation. I’m not even willing to speculate on how a cyclodextrin based powder would perform.

The southern route brings rapid onset…


I agree, suppositories are in order.
snorting a substance like sugar can lead to bacterial/fungal infections. Not to mention that snorting a powder into damaged airways isn’t the answer to smoking.Dmso anyone…

edit…don’t snort dmso!


@cyclopath @Soxhlet Yeah perhaps not sugar then , however if I have a water soluble solution thats concentrated enough, it should at least somewhat be bio available through the mucus membrames.

Do any of you guys have a suggestion on the process/recipe for making a nasal spray solution then? The new goal now is to have a THC water soluble solution I can spray up my nose, so basically a very very water soluble solution so it can absorb?

Thanks for great feedback


I am very content with dmso tinctures .
Don t see them often or am i not looking ?


dmso is not good to consume, look at the msds dmso msds.pdf (51.5 KB)


Here is a link to “the” Suppositories thread :wink: