Trying to make gummy edibles

I’ve made about 60 gummy edibles, I’ve let them cured for about 5 days, then would sprinkle sour sugar over them. Every time I put them inside the bag moisture builds up and ends up melting the edible. How do I stop the edible from being wet? I use distillate to infuse these gummies.

I suggest you use the search function. The entire edible section is small, and is a short read. I would start with the gummy threads first, its all there waiting for you.

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There’s great recipes here that don’t degrade like that. Check it out. I’ve been making pro gummies with them.

If you’re using Citric acid as your sour coating, switch to malic. It’s less prone to suck moisture out of the air.


Thank you

In the mean time stick those thangs in the freezer and just eat them out of there as needed

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It might be that there’s too much water in your recipe but what was the relative humidity when you were trying to dry them out? I had issues in the summer with my kitchen being too humid. and got a little portable de-humidifier unit to bring it down some.

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@MillerliteRN has got it locked down here…

Gummy recipe and SOP inside


i would say the best way is to buy the gummy already made and melt it down add your thc or cbd and then remold it. trying to recreate whats in the store is not easy to do.

That doesnt work out so well. I’m sitting on 4lbs top shelf albanese gummies still. My test run went blah!

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Yeah same my messups there are catalogued in the gummie thread. Didn’t have much luck melting and re pouring

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ok then next is to take any gummy you want to make mix the distillate with mct oil and paint it onto the gummies

you will be amazed how many you can do at once

How can you properly dose painted gummies? Mct wont dry out.

Might as well spray d8 on cbd and call it thc flower


Don’t do this. Read the threads that are already here.


what i do is measure everything once i know how much mg with mct oil i have i will weigh ten to twenty gummies and the paint and reweigh the gummies and do the math

Reweigh the wet mct slime gummies? You’ll loose a bit on the parchment paper laying on top of the scale.

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which one do you recommend them read to help them out the best

@MillerliteRN posted his gummy sop. That one is top. @Killa12345 also posted his gummy sop


yes mct will but most of the thc will stick as well depends on the gummies. trollies absorb all the oil and leave not much at all if any

I’ll stick with the above sop vs painting gummies.

Your way, once you bag them, the thc will come off the gummies un the bag. It’s just not gonna work, quality wise. Mct is blended with thc. So if mct rubs off, thc does also.

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