Tricks of the trade

A little more in depth, if turning unstable shatter into crumble, we fold it on it self until it is about 2 inches wide, and grab it with gloved hands, then we pull it like salt water taffy, grabbing each end and pulling it out to agitate everything, folding it back on itself then pulling it more, until it reaches a uniform color, then we place it back in the vacuum oven, repeating the process every few hours until it finishes into a crumble consistency.


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Taffy tek with pics.
Thanks @Eastcoaststrange


My God, I bought this back when u posted…
I just used today instead beating my columns tighter w my packing rod trying to get out!

It came right out ,I screwed in, pulled out, bam!
Do from both side then it came out with ease !

Fastest clean out for me yet! It was thawed though


Syringe heaters.

If you’re trying to fill distillate or other thick extract into carts with a 60ml syringe, or trying to heat parts of your SPD equipment like @fresh.botanicals was doing with the heat gun setup, these little heating pads are pretty neat. Anything that needs a little warmth could benefit.

The control unit and heating pad is about $400, and an additional pad is $100. They have a cylindrical shaped pad and a long tape type pad.

They go up to 180c. We haven’t run tests on heat consistency but they have a thermo kinetic mode.


leaking jars? Someone posted in here about putting a small dab of distillate on glass joints… I figured I’d try that on some leaky jars and sure enough they sealed great.

smear a small bit of extract on the lip of the jar where the lid meets, it will keep it stuck the entire time it’s sealed. Much bigger stones on a jar/lid combo that barely held any pressure before.


IT is @Soxhlet his invention i am sure hè be delighted with this News


I like using these. Highest quality parchment I’ve found and the sheets are perfect size for oven shelves.


I’ve had really good luck with this manual vacuum sealer. It works on any type of container with lid. You punch a hole in the lid with a thumb tack, and put a tab over it and pull the air out with the hand pump. The tab has adhesive on the sides, so it stays on the lid and can be sealed over and over. It’s really handy if you have to keep opening the jar to get stuff out, it’s much faster then getting out the food saver and attachment.

Pump n Seal

I don’t know how deep the vac is compared to a food saver or vacuum oven method, but the lid is held down pretty good. It would be interesting to put a gauge on a jar and compare vac levels.


Everyone has posted precut parchment for the big ovens here is some for the lil guys with a .9cu ft oven with the 11 x 10" shelves. This stuff is thin but a 1" lip holds up just fine and wax separates just fine so i’ve had no issues with it especially for 250 sheets under $20.


I love these things. I use the big ones, but these are so handy and headache saving.


Kinda of a trick, more like a fix

On the re501 5l rotovap, heres the fix to the noisy motor. Its motor lash, from what usalabs tech support called it. It makes a horrible shaking/off balance vibration.

Remove 5l bf
Remove motor cover (3x small screws)
Carefully loosen 4x motor mount screws about 2-4mm max.
Wiggle motor back and fourth, gently.
Tighten those 4x motor mount screws
Turn on and see of it still vibrates or is back to normal.

This fixed mine.

I couldnt go over 72rpm last night, was vibrating way too much. Now smooth as can be.


Demontrich, was this gear lash? Does the drive motor have a gear on it? I regularly use paper to set gear lash on machines of all kinds. Running a piece of paper between meshing gears will give a .003-.004 gear lash. So loosening the motor mounts, wiggling the motor, and tightening is changing the gear lash, but is a shot in the dark. If you would like any more detail on gear lash…holler. You should see some of the old timy gear hobb machines ive had to set up…gears for days.

Edit - the paper trick is for straight cut gears only. No bevel gears, worm gears, helical cut gears etc.


I believe thats what the tech support guy said.


@Killa12345 I don’t know if this has made it here yet or not but for passive recovery in coolers this is must! Thank u so much for the tip!

I recover 5.5lbs in 25-30min 84-85f

Lifting it off the cooler really speeds things up, otherwise ur collection pot freezes to this bottom, getting it up some really let’s water under it good…so good I’m missing my pour off!


IT hasn t And You realy have. A point
Please edit a short explanation of iT s use :fist_right: Great


Thanks for the credit. I’ve been using these in my recovery coolers for about 5 years. Keeps the bottom of your collection tank off the bottom of your not jacketed.

Cheap $8 makes recovery about 25% faster on flat bottom
Splatter platters.


When mixing solvent with filtering media, I put both in Mason jar with lid on, shake, adjust mixture for desired consistency, and pour out into funnel. Way easier then stirring and way faster. Uniform consistency.


Stop bulging Lids on diamond forming mason jars by using 2 lids instead of 1! Pro Tip!!!


here is a nice low tempature heat exchange fluid that wont break the bank, thanks @WipedFilmGuy !