Researching honeycomb/crumble teks

Hey guys. Thanks for the help as always beforehand. I was recently at a friends house, and they had a jar of some super stable crumble. You can pick it up, no stickiness, etc. reminded me of honeycomb texture or crumble. So I decided I want to try and make some. I’ve read most of the posts on here concerning crumble/honeycomb tek and just wanted to kind of revisit the teks, along with a description of what I’m working with. It seems there’s 2 main suggestions. The first being to fully purge the oil into shatter, and from there, balling it up and stretching it like taffy, heating, stretching and repeat. The other being to fully recover in the pot until it’s thick, and scraping onto paper/silicone and immediately whip it, and then heat/vac, whip again etc.

I’m running pretty good trim thru cls with butane. Decent gold color. Usually ends up looking like nice shatter. As I finish up my runs for the night I’m just wondering what is the actual best method, and if anyone’s tried those methods since and can update with any success. I’d love a honeycomb texture, or a crumble that can be handled by hand and remain stable.

I’m doing a fairly big run today… nothing insane but it should yield a few oz to a lb of oil at the end. Thinking of leaving some butane in it to pour half as a slab, and keep the other half in the pot and begin whipping and playing with that. Each method varied, such as vac, no vac, fully purge, don’t purge at all. I’m currently in my lab with some friends working so trying to brush up on last minute research before I open up the pot tonight. Looking for any updated teks or advice from people that have since tried those methods. Thank you as always :slight_smile: this site has been a savagely amazing source of knowledge and help for me always :slight_smile:


So I wanted to be proactive and just try some things. I took a nice chunk of shatter out of the freezer. Warmed it up a bit until it was plyable. It was great texture. I was able to roll it, twist it, stretch it. Never stuck to me, and remained a nice consistency to keep manipulating. Put it in the vac oven at 98F for a few minutes and pulled a vacuum. It muffins up and looks super light yellow. I break vac, remove and begin twisting, stretching etc again, and repeat the oven tek. I’m just wondering at what point will the material begin to crumble, or stop being so plyable. When I take it out of the oven, I can pull it right off the parchment With a little snap and continue rolling like putty. So far I feel like things are looking good. Just kinda wonder when or what the “aha” moment is for the honey comb or crumble consistency.

I think I might have over done the whipping… so far every time I’d pull a vac, at around -25 the muffin would look nice, uniform. Fluffy. Super light color. The last time I went to whip it, the material felt a lot harder than it had and became harder to work with… now when I pull a vac, it kind of muffins more like a fresh pour slab would. Top pic is what it’s been looking like every vac pull… bottom pic is what it looks like now. Ideas?

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No more vac, especially if it was a finished slab, you’ll just keep vac’ing terpenes.

Raise your oven to 115-122

Whip and whip and whip and twist into taffy. Once it gets to an opaque solid look. Where it’s not so fleshy looking and it isn’t so “shiny”. Plop it in the oven on parchment, do not pull any vac, and let it finish.

The crumble you’re describing is best when it comes from extremely stable shatter. If you have material that comes out a great color and is always “shatter”.

When you scrap the collection pot and start whipping. Keep going until it gets thick and starts to snap on its own. Set it in the warm oven for a few minutes and take out as it began to flatten out. Let it start to cool off and whip some more until tough. Set in the oven again for a few minutes. Repeat. After you let it cool down and can play with it the way you were in your picture that’s where you want to be. Give it a good last tug and whip, then put it in the oven (115+) and let it finish


Ok I’ll take that advice thank you! My question is why I was able to get that super soft looking spongy muffin so many times in a row, but now I cannot. also as for letting it finish, after the last whip, should i press it into a cookie shape/disc? What form/shape should it be in when I put it on parchment to finish baking.

So just to be clear, I whipped and stretched it taffy style a bunch of times. So on my last run, stretch it like taffy, form it into a disc shape, put it in over at 120 with NO vacuum, and just let it sit overnight? I feel like I was sooo close before this last vacuum and whipping. It was holding that nice fluffy muffin shape as I showed. I feel like that’s what I should’ve let bake off.

The following pics I just took… stretched it one last time, pressed it and into the oven. No vac. 120f. Does this look right?
I still feel like I had it with that airy fluffy muffin and should’ve baked that. Thank you so much for the help and advice

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Messed up the upload. These are the last pics

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That vac muffin will just melt if it got warm. You want to get nucleation not keep it stable. And it depends. Sometimes it can be an hour or less or other times a few hours. Shouldn’t go over night, that’ll cook off terps. It’ll be something you will figure out with time.

You didn’t have it with the vac muffin. Looks similar, but it’s not. Crumble is one of my things


Whip it like crazy again. Use a scraping tool in or on a silicon mat and whip it until it’s opaque looking. Similar color to that muffin


I will take it out and whip it again then. Luckily I have material to toy with this was just a try as I was doing other things. I stretched it and folded it and all that but never actually whipped it. I’ll try. Thanks for keepin up to date with my help:) and glad to know I didn’t fuck up with that earlier muffin. I just want something nice and stable and crumbly that can be handled easily :slight_smile: thanks! I’ll keep updating this post for future newbs


I’ve done it a few times with finished material, but I normally start fresh out the pot. When I have used finished material it always comes out like a smooth coin and no bubbles.

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I’ll be dumping a pot tonight. Decent trim. Just nervous to whip the whole thing without experience. Also, I can’t be here all night so I won’t be able to whip it and play with it like I’d like to.

If I were to use tonight’s run, would u fully recover to get a thick spongy product out of the platter, or leave butane in there so it’s a little liquid? Theoretically if you were me and didn’t have hours tonight, what’s my best move with the pot I have to dump? That’s probably a silly question


Just use the scrapings. Do your normal pour. Use a small amount until you get used to it.

And you’ll learn over time how you can leave more or less solvent in to make different textures of crumble


@Dabcat I commented on the same subject over here

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Thanks. Intact that’s a great idea. I’ll pour it regular and save a little plus the scrapes.

Also, I took it out of the oven to whip the shit out of it as u said.,it’s warm and soft. I’m failing at “whipping” it, BUT I started stretching it again and it’s become lighter and more opaque like the muffin color like you said, so I guess I’m on the right path with that. I’ll keep doing that until I leave tonight, then leave it to bake


I remember my boy used to do this back in the days open blasting onto a Pyrex dish. He would place it on a hot plate and start whipping it with a SS rod. It’s all about your wrist game at the end of the day.


My wrist game is on point ;););):wink:


@Dred_pirate appreciate the fead back, I’ll definitely scroll from top to bottom. Just not working out for me idk why, I’m whippen and whippen. Maybe my temp and vac pressure. Thanks again

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No vac. 120f. Whip it. Whip it real good.


So… went to take it out and play with it again, ol girl was already doin her cookie thang! Color really lightened up on my last stretching. Let’s see how it goes tomorow!