The Pepsi challenge/etho color remediation thread

So after @TheLostBiologist posted about his success with bentonite and carbon, I started using it with carbon and bleaching clay from @vacuumdynamics . I got some good results I shared with @Shadownaught who asked me to do a Pepsi challenge between the two clays; t41 and vacuum dynamics new clay.

Now I’ve finally gotten around to do it. I will have to say that the results didn’t come out as I expected and thusly this first post will be about the Pepsi challenge, but the rest of the thread will be dedicated to color remediation using etho cold washed.

To start off I used the same trim for both clays.
As follows:
1 vac dyn; 15.5 lbs trim in 4.5 gal (started as 5, but I always lose 0.5 gal when extracting)
2 carb chem 15 lbs trim in 4.5 gal (same thing, started as 5 gal)

Both were filtered through a mix of coarse, medium and slow filters, cause I ran out of them and only had some randoms left before I got new ones today. Then then slurries were used with the coarse filter, which is 25 micron. I used the 185mm buchner funnel for this.

I was gonna have you guys guess at first, but they turned out pretty much identical, so I’m just gonna post the pictures. This thread will be continued over the next couple of months, cause I have magnesol on the way and I believe that using bentonite together with bleaching clays and magnesol is the true way to go for color remediation. We’ll have to see. If anyone else wants to post their own results here I would be super stoked. I really want to learn together with you guys, so here goes.

I used 75 g each with 600ml etho to make the slurry and then started filtering right away.
Both clays performed pretty much identical when it comes to the color. What differed between them was the time it took. 2.5 hours for vacuum dynamics and 1.5 hour for carbon chemistry. Tbh, when using 100g bentonite with 33g bleaching clay from vac dyn, it only took around an hour to filter, so using just the clay definitely seemed to slow things down. I kinda shot myself in the foot there by using 75g, but I thought it would yield lighter color. I was wrong.

1 vacuum dynamics:


2 carbon chemistry


So that’s the results, not what I expected. I will post more in a couple of days I hope. But this is the start for now. Thanks for reading.


What temp When adding the clay? What temp filtration ?

This was done straight out of the freezer. It was as cold as I could get it.

I would be interested to see the pH readings of both tincture after the scrub also how are you mixing the slurry are you simply shaking it and then immediately filtering it? We really need to see the results at a higher temp in longer residence time


Yes i agree temp and time seem to make a whole lot of diffrence

I noticed some serious differences when I use just cheap food grade bentonite and take my slurry up to boiling point of my denatured alcohol.

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I weighed it out in a 2000ml beaker, then added 600ml etho and stirred it with a spoon before pouring it on to the filter paper.
I didn’t do a ph test, but I think I can go up and test it. I just need to find my strips somewhere.

Does it get lighter with higher temp?


Ya the high temp and residence time play a major role in adsorption of funky shit. I’ve read that 90c is the sweet temp for this to happen but you can’t get a straight etoh tincture up that high.


What is the end product that everyone has in mind here? If we are trying to improve on the golden shatter idea from @TheLostBiologist I would think that we would want to avoid getting too hot, or we might slightly decarb the extract. This would mean that a 30 minute 90C scrub after removing the ethanol is unacceptable for anything except distillate or some type of delta 9 heavy product.

I guess we should decide early in the thread if we are trying to conserve THC-a or not. I am more interested in maintaining THC-a to make shatter/wax, over super clean distillate crude.

On that note, does anybody have any experience with “scrubbing” an extract in solution in ethanol using an adsorbant and a sonicator? I have seen this mentioned once or twice on here and am interested if there is any real merit to it…


my understanding and i could be way off base here is to create the ideal crude oil for a 1 pass distillate


Thats the other way this thread could go, I just dont think it can go both ways at the same time. 2 threads?

I’m with @square_root_pharms on this. I’m aiming for high nineties first pass distillate. Maybe 2 threads is optimal? I don’t know, tbh. My previous tests were with 100g bentonite with 33g bleach and 100g bentonite with 100g carbon. The carbon lead to 99.4% cannabinoids and the bleach maxed out at 98%.


Even with natural bentonite iT is recomended at room temp for hours of contact to work best
I think filter after winterizing Ad absorbents while evaporating of solvents cold or warm
When stil fluid filter and then take all solvent out


It was super cold up here last night. 33f. I was wondering if that had an effect on it, because I don’t remember my previous runs turning this amber.

Tough Quistion i can t tell but i finding out lately that even the smallest of things can complicate or change things drasticly so
IT s up to us all to keep track of what we do to sift out these results and keep eager To better what we do :fist_right:

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For sure. I’m hoping to do some more testing today. Haven’t gotten much sleep yet for some reason. Still a bit tired, might need a nap or five, hehehe.

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If you’re interested in thc-a I think @Indofab has a bho color remediation thread that’s exploded in size on that very subject. They’re using hydrocarbons instead. I’ll see if I can link to it in a sec.

Shout out to @Soxhlet, @Killa12345 and @Dred_pirate for crushing the game on that.


Hmmmm, so maybe doing a roto for crude, then dry scrubbing it and filtering it again could do the trick. I’ll be experimenting a lot with this over the next couple of months.

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I would place absorbants in the roto while evaporating and When still Some left filter and then Evaporate all of

I’ve never done that before. I might have to try it. Let me think about it for a minute before I decide.