Subzero Conversion Chamber

Heat and pressure? Anyone use one?


the OGs

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I’m assuming these are remediating by degradation? I’d love to know input potency vs output potency.


Can’t be too much pressure, that’s a big clamp. Subzero would make me think cold but that doesn’t make any sense from a chemistry perspective to me


I think it’s got a transducer somewhere to do some ultrasonic-y things. No sources, just an idea.


That could make sense. It’d have to be a pretty big unit though

Subzero is their company name


I really should learn to read some time


Are you suggesting a @Rowan idea in play on the unit lol

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I tried to find the thread where they spoke of another unit with a small transducer on the lower part of a steel conical unit.

Any unit that works better than flash chromatography is welcome in this industry I’m sure.


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Cute pd/c reactor.


It just dawned on me the genius of using subzero as the company name, insinuating that these things are done below a temp that would otherwise potentially damage or degrade, even if just in the clients mind…

If you say right away it’s heat, maybe there are certain customers turned off by it subtly.

Subzero Refrigeration: “It really IS nothing!

I wanna see it in action. THC to CBN without needing c1d1 or d2. Very interested.

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I spoke with Sub Zero,

The 10L unit costs $8000 and can convert the THC into CBN in 48-72 hours, They recommend a heater capable of 200c or but a 100c heater will suffice. You also need an inert atmosphere provided by nitrogen or argon.

That is all that is required, so i am assuming its just a long heat at set temp free of oxygen that slowly converts the THC to CBN. Maybe some pressure is used (im not sure)

They provided me with before and after COA’s but they were not the most promising with a LOQ of 0.2% THC.
Uodate: See below

Before (TAC=69.75% 2.48% THC 0.27% CBN)

After (TAC=59.59% <0.2% THC, 1.03% CBN)

So a 10% TAC loss and possibly still THC below 0.2% with a bunch of unknowns produced in the process. I would love to see the chromatograph.
What i found very interesting is the CBDa was not fully decarbed when the process was completed.

Disclaimer: Sub Zero did say this particular conversion was not a perfect run and they most likely ran it to long. But, IMO if they are trying to sell a product they would share one of their best conversions and not a less than ideal one to try and sell their product. IMO they should have a proven process and SOP and some very convincing COAS before releasing to market, but maybe some people are fine with low TAC “t-free”


It’s not CBDa its an isomer for sure. We’ve the same one pop up when overcooking a run in the Delta 9 “harmonic distillation” remediation machine. It will continue to rise in % if you cook it longer.


Fantastic! unknowns for all! I would imagine the graph looks like a spiky mess.


I’ll see if I can get one those chromatograms from my tech

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another note:

Website says the 10L starts at $25,000. So im not sure why i was quoted 8k but figured i would share either way.

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Below is the chromatogram of what we’ve been seeing post Delta 9 remediation runs.

My tech had this to say about the run:

“The chromatogram below is of the final THC remediated extract. The mystery peak at 3.37 RT is eluding with CBDA. My best guess is that it is some degradation/byproduct of the Delta9 system because during the initialization of the system, the extract is heated and decarboxylates. During this phase, the CBDA peak decreases to a non-detectable level and then will begin to grow as the system continues to run during the remediation phase at higher temperature.”