I’d like to take one of these and modify it to do at-home ethanol extractions.
For science.

It’s too bad it would likely be basically impossible to perforate the basket without completely destroying the balance of it, and likely causing it to explode when it hits full speed. … I still want to try.


Anyone here ever played with one?

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looks neat, check out this http://deepaliunited.com/Home/LBC1000
All stainless/ptfe and mini too!


now that looks like a useful R&D rig!

@Soxlet (or anyone else who hit that link recently), did you ask about the price?

I’m guessing $5k but haven’t even looked to see where they are located, so that’s just a shot in the dark.

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here is the sales email, i havent contancted them about price. perfect for a 1000g spin!

:wink: I think the line that hooked you was

It’s under 20 pounds and portable, with a compact design that fits neatly in an airplane’s overhead compartment.


they’ve go one 1/2 that size too!


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Theres some interesting equipment there for sale, did you browse the site?

My family would almost certainly understand if I bought myself a centrifuge instead of buying them Christmas gifts, right?


if they understand where you’re going with it, then most certainly.

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@Lincoln20XX did you pick one of these up?


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It’s about $1000


Nope, never did get around to getting one. Maybe in a month or two.

Call into the inventor Dave Arnold’s podcast show “cooking issues they broadcast every Tuesday at 12-roughly 12:45 from a converted shipping container in BUSHWICK BROOKLYYYYNNN!!!

The show is fantastic if y’all haven’t heard it, great resource for learning interesting beverage and food tek.

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As long as you make them special cookies and milk they’ll be fine. Lmao.

Tried to go to the webpage and it’s currently down.

I like the looks of these. Prices are around $1800 and $2400 for the base units. There are options as well that can increase price.

LBC- 1000 .pdf (819.8 KB)

LBC - 500 .pdf (722.8 KB)


Just pick one up then send the basket off to have a custom basket made to your specs.

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Where do you send off a bucket?

I bet @Indofab can make you anything you want

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there are two problems when fabricating replacement baskets.

  1. matching the shaft taper. if it’s a “standard” one, it’s not too bad, but if the OEM made it up on the fly, it’s a little more work to match. Witnessing is your friend.

  2. balancing the finished piece. if you made it right, it should be balanced, right? Although chances are it won’t be. you can manage the static version with just a harbor freight tire balancing jig and appropriate adapter (fabricated), but getting it to the point where you’re safe spinning at 2krpm requires more tooling.

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