Smokenol patent. What is it?

" Cannabis Smoke Extract

A New Innovation in the Hemp/CBD and Medical/Adult-Use Cannabis Industries

Real Isolates has developed a commercially viable method to harvest cannabinoids and terpenes from cannabis smoke. This patented extraction method provides edible effects more similar to those from smoking. Smokenol™ cannabis smoke extract is rich in common and rare cannabinoids and enables a new category of oral, topical, and inhaled cannabis products.

Products containing Smokenol ™ cannabis smoke extract will feel different because of the unique diversity and balance of cannabinoids. Conventional edibles are made from cannabinoids extracted from the ‘raw’ plant which are then heated at the lowest temperature necessary to ‘activate’ (decarboxylate) while still preserving the THC and CBD. These extracts usually consist predominantly of THC or CBD but do not contain the richer diversity and balance of cannabinoids created by the high heat necessary to make cannabis smoke."


Sounds to me like they’re combusting and oxidizing terpenes to mimic combustion

I remember one time there head PhD said cbn is made through dehydration and I was like I think you mean dehydrogenation

After that I stopped following them tbh lol


Pre-pyrolyzed cannabinoids…lovely


They put crude in a vacuum oven, heat it to the point where it’s burning off cannabinoids and creating “smoke” then they cold trap it.

Honestly it looks pretty ghetto. Seems like someone mixed up °F & °C trying to decarb oil. Burned the shit out of the oil & did this to recover lost cannabinoids.

& Now it’s a patent :person_facepalming:


That’s the kind of sweat equity I’m willing to put into my medicating. I’ll combust, thanks.

Sounds like a Vapor static with less restraint.


zomfglol. combustion byproducts in a “premium” market item?


Smokenol was enough to turn me off. Listening to the rest of the comments and thinking about it a little sealed the deal. I am not seeing an advantage or a marketing strategy to make this work.


i mean sure, they probably creating a new spectrum of diversity of noids, but how do they control/standardize such diversity? Even good disty is still a complex mixture.

Hope theyve got samples at MjBiz of their smoked noid soup edibles. - Im down to try em.

The Vapor static only heats to the point of decarb. This is a actual combustion being captured.
Like distillation of Cannabinoids without vacuum.

For me this is way to close to selling people reclaim edibles.


don’t know how that one made it through the focus group.

i’m guessing they don’t/can’t/don’t care, and simply rely on general customer ignorance–which we all know is more than ample–and the ‘patented’ claim.
seems to me a clear gimmick or novelty, but hey gimmicks work sometimes. all the same i’d love to give it a try. who knows, maybe this can somehow replicate the ‘hit’ of smoked cannabis, without the harmful aspects that come with inhaling non-cannabis combustion byproducts (smoke itself, etc)? that’s the only possible advantage i can think of


This is a fine patent. Patents don’t need to be overly complex to be novel and useful

I will point out that it was awarded by the WIPO not the USpto so it’s not active at the moment in the US as far as I can tell. It might become active in the future

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I love how they call combustion byproducts ‘new cannabinoids’




I gotta get $100 a g for my reclaim. $125 for my bowl resin cause it’s solvent less



What’s the patent number?

You guys are fucking hilarious.

Miyabe is a really smart lady, and she is really a great “cannabis personality”. She is really about helping. Buncha haters. She’s converting in the most natural way. Why don’t you guys bark up the chemical conversion tree? She is also probably far more educated than @Kingofthekush420 lol dehydrogenation is an important part of alcohol dehydration in the lab, and using dehydration is symantics.


For real - there are at least two phDs that studied cannabis and the endocannabiniod system more in depth than most people on this planet, whom have worked on this product

I have not tried all of their products but in theory it is super interesting and makes the most sense for those of us that enjoy the effects of smoking cannabis more than eating cannabis

When we eat THC, our digestion changes it to another molecule which feels very different than smoking does for most

When we smoke cannabis, molecules are broken down and created in the heat/combustion and this is what their process is capturing and what their products contain

Way to go Profound naturals :clap: I’m excited to learn more about these molecules now that the patent is out


I’m not opposed to it in theory, but I would rather not inhale random combustion byproducts just because some people report they are effected differently.

I’m not talking about 11-hydroxy versus d9 either. I’m talking about d9 vaped (actual d9) versus whatever ‘new cannabinoids’ they claim are created by combusting d9. I’m certainly not paying a premium price for it without being convinced beforehand there is a dramatic difference.

Sure, there could be effective pro-drugs present in the flower that need combustion to activate/create, but what I’m doing is working just fine for me as is without it.