Santa Cruz MEGA Shredder

Hello all

I am looking to buy a Santa Cruz MEGA Shredder. They are currently on backorder from the manufacturer. Anyone have a used one, or know where I might be able to get one? If you have another good option for grinding a few lbs of flower a day I am open to that as well!


I have a Santa Cruz MEGA Shredder that is for sale. Let me know if you would like to purchase.

Thank you,


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Yes! I sent you a message

I have one of these Santa Cruz Mega Shredders and I really no use for it. I am certain I would be willing to sell it for a very good price. The issue really would be location, as this thing is enormously heavy. It weighs just under 40 lbs making shipping somewhat costly. Even with that factored in Iā€™m sure It can be obtained for far less than you could get it anywhere else.

I got tree fiddy on it