Releafy self-development disposable vape pens

#1 Releafy 0.5/1.0g disposable
Cotton free, ceramic oil, no central post ( wickless) rechargeable disposable
1.4ohm 2.0v for Live Rosin, Live Resin. Low temp version
3.6ohm 3.6v for Distillate. Common version

#3 Releafy 0.5/1.0g disposable
Glass oiler, ceramic oil, rechargeable disposable
It is acceptable for custom different kinds voltage and resistance, such as low temp setting for live resin /rosin.

#2 Releafy 2ML disposable
Unique shape, with LED Lamp (3 colors)

LMK what kind of oil are you? we can prepare sample for your testing.

Releafy loves to create new products according to market feedback. So looking forward your suggestions

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Maybe read this thread… CBN (2200$) Free overnight Shipping! - #3 by Tre_HoneyGold

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