Purple oxidation

So I just had a batch of crystals have purple oxidation. This batch had some crystals that had been crc’d with some activated powders.

Could the ph be causing the purple? It’s neat looking, and it’s all for personal use so it’s not a huge deal, just wonder wtf happened.

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I had jar crc oil overflow a small amount bubbling, I put lid on anyways. The oil turned to glue and turned purple as shit!. Only on the rim though what was trapped btw the ring

See this is why I asked about are we skipping distillate which is stupid to say I know

I thought purple was purity issues means it’s pure as shit but probably ph I have no idea no chemist

Assuming u decarb crc Crystal’s. U have pure d9 prolly

A lil reading it’s either purity issue bc so high thc or ph issues

I’ll load some disty and oil decarb into same syringes I got from u see if it happens to anyone else w same equipment

How long it take

They are mostly crc crystals. I took about 10g worth and melted em down in a jar for about 2 hours at 250, waited until the majority of bubbling stopped, then filled the syringe and carts. Ended up with just under 9ml of liquid. I know they don’t convert 1:1 but I think it decarbed pretty well.

It’s thick af, bubbles won’t move at all unless heated. And it oxidizes almost immediately when in contact with air. I mixed in some terps from a sample pack at about a 3% rate too.

Searches here lead me to think of the ph issue, but I’ll be happy with a product in the 90’s as well!

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Here’s where I saw it.

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Theirs is purple b.c. of pH almost certainly.


This is from me hitting it last night. Bubble basically freeze once it get room temp.


But does it only happen when something is pure is where I was going? The other compounds keep the ph evened out?

Is this what is happening…pure d9 is PHs BEEatch

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So if I took some crystals that were just b80 crc’d would the oxidation be more pinkish? Less acidic less purple?

@beaker and his water clear d9


@Beaker was a wizard.


No, a ph imbalance will cause pink or purple even with other cannabinoids present


@beaker said almost immediately on a water clear d9 run, it would purple out unless kept under vac.


That’s true.

It isn’t instant, but it’s within 20 minutes or so.

If it is high d9, that’s pretty neat it’s something you can accomplish with a cls, jars, and a toaster oven.

This is when I wish I had access to testing that didn’t take me jumping through a bunch of intermediaries haha.

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Bro didn’t you hear @rowan says crc isn’t chromatography


Breaking dabs had purple disty but it went back clear, so im not sure what to think. I doubt you got your ph high enough by accident to create blue hues. I have tried adjusting ph to go purple but haven’t played around with it enough. It could be high purity like stoned said.

I have melted down mechanically separated THCA isolate and it looked exactly the same. The starting flower was a Wedding Cake with a touch of purple on it. The isolate was pearly white with a tiny bit of a purple hue in some areas. Perhaps it’s just the easy answer and not a ph issue- anythocyanins?

It would make sense why it is floating on the top like that. Anthocyanins are water soluble. The way mine stuck together it ended up collecting more near the coils on the CCell and they went from white to purple which was pretty interesting to see. I still have one of the carts kicking around somewhere


filterlutum is the Latin phrase for CRC

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My experience its only coming out with oxidation, ud see the anthocyanins if was that prior to oxidation right?

Besides the strains I’ve had it happen w was not purple strains

I’ve seen THCA isolate come out with purple in it in flower that had no distinct purple in it. Seems more common with really fresh material that still has water in it.

I think it’s only noticeable when it all gets melted down like this because it’s insoluble

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