Puffco or Carta?

Puffco or Carta which do you prefer and why? Is one more durable than the other? I am aware i posted this in the wrong section i had no clue where to put this :joy:


I’ve never used a carta but I can tell you I broke the peak glass within the first couple weeks of having it.

Works well enough but too delicate for me.


I love my peak pro. It’s the best travel rig!


I’ve been on the ropes also…

Not sure which one to get either

I need a more portable rig for my truck

Still using torch and banger and it’s not as convenient on my lunch break

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How many atomizers did it take to hit 2700 dabs?


1x but I rotate between 3 every 5 days so they can dry for 5-10 days.

3 atomizers look brand new


The base part, how easy is that to clean out?

I’m almost tempted to get one, but I’m always on the fence about it.

Maybe I’ll have the gf get me one for Xmas this year.


the atomizers take the longest to clean properly…

i go overboard…

the base is the easiest part…followed by the glass then the atomizer… i got mine for christmas…this was expensive with the extra parts… Like $700


Had a puffco peak for 4 years that I loved and it finally passed away recently. Went and got a puffco pro and I love it. Easy to clean if you go adulting on it and clean after every use. Bluetooth part is pretty cool too.


So I just traded for a puffco and then I had a meeting with a guy who owns the Carta and he got triggered and gave me a free Carta. Not sure yet on which is better. The puffco is epic though


Puffco could use a better battery that’s the only downfall of the peak. Get about 20-30 rips maybe on a charge at 510 deg. Don’t have and experience with carta I’ve seen them everywhere they look like a nice unit, but prolly gonna be buyin a reflux from induxlabs here shortly as these are the best units on the market that I have seen!

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I’m on team carta, I havent had any failures on mine.

My peak died within 6 months.

The Carta is cheaper and has the swappable batteries which is dope if you’re camping or something, just bring a spare set, also wait until they go on sale. They are pretty regularly discounted either 25-50%

The problem is I think they got bought out over the last year or two and I’ve heard customer service just keeps getting worse and worse. But I’ve never had any problems, so I haven’t experienced that first hand

Both are dope for the intended purpose


I have both. I don’t use either because I don’t think they work very well.

If anyone wants a carta or a puffco I’d happily sell either one for cheap.


I have the Puffco Pro and like it but have not tried the Carta. I bought the Puffco for travel and wouldn’t use as my primary unless I was a light user.
BTW big difference between the reg Puffco and the pro so if your considering the Pro you should change your OP.

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Anyone have a broke non working puffco? I’d love to buy it to try and put my own power supply and controller on it.

I love my puffco for the shape and size but the battery life leaves a lot to be desired and something about having to constantly double tap the button to keep a session rolling annoys me, I prefer my other little custom mod rig that allows you to just hold the button for hits.



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I lucked out and got my pro for 350. I tend to see them for around 500 but you pulled the adult move and bought extra atomizers ahead of time. Most folks are lazy and don’t buy atomizers until they’re dead and then frantically call around to see if anyone has them in stock. Might have been there before lol.


Puffcos are elegant and rip incredibly well. Cartas seem to rip hotter and have a heavier hit on em. But the puffco is super delicate, i have broken 3 atomizers because im a dumbass and have neglected to get a pelican for it. I’m not sure how much carta attys are, but puffcos run $45-50 at the smoke shops where i live.

Nothing will rain on your parade more than pulling out the puffco and seeing that white flashing light. I got a fadespace insert that cracked the base of the BRAND NEW atty when i installed it. I had to call all around town and ended up driving 30 minutes to a bummy ass smoke shop that somehow had them. I never got that fucking insert to work right either…


I love my fadespace SIC insert, best thing i did to my puffco hands down. i also have the larger heating coil that made the insert hit harder. i am hesitant on getting a pro until they get a sic insert made for it.